The Honors & Scholars G.O.A.L.S serve as a way to motivate students and focus their academic careers towards the improvement of themselves and their community.

  • Global Awareness: Students learn how to appreciate diversity in their community and become aware of the world around them through education and life experiences.
    • I am very passionate about this goal, finding my love of travel and other cultures on my trip with People to People International. Since then, I have visited one other country, Costa Rica, and I plan to continue traveling through study abroad. I hope to one day work as a zoo veterinarian, helping to educate others on exotic wildlife and the problems they face globally.
  • Original Inquiry: Students push themselves to ask new and original questions, and look towards the research process for answers. They understand how to use the process to answer their questions and know how to find resources that can assist them in this.
  • Academic Enrichment: Students continuously push themselves to find rigorous coursework and opportunities for the betterment of their education.
  • Leadership Development: Students work to develop their leadership skills that they can use in the classroom, workplace, and extracurriculars.
    • I continuously strive to better my leadership skills through placing myself into positions to lead others. I competed in competitions in which I created clubs to educate children and coordinated plans to lead 20 of my peers. I have also attended leadership workshops in which I learned the best leaders are ones who can apply their strengths for the betterment of a team.
  • Service Engagement: Students are committed to the improvement of their community through service work.


The careers section is reserved for my academic and career experiences. This section contains my resume and a collection of any other skills or experiences I have acquired.


These artifacts serve as a way for me to go into more detail of influential moments in my academic career that influenced my goals and accomplishments.

About Me

Hi! My name is Marisa Nicol and I am a second-year Psychology and Biology student at The Ohio State University. My ultimate career goal is to attend a veterinary school and obtain my DVM. With this degree, I hope to work with zoo and/or exotic animals with my largest passion residing in large cats. This interest stems from my history of international travels, the most influential being South Africa. On this trip I visited a large cat rehabilitation center named Tenikwa and The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre. In fact, I have looked into revisiting either location for either community work or an internship in the future.

Besides my career interests, I am passionate about photography, service work, and international travels. I recently got involved at 4 Paws as a puppy sitter as well as joined clubs such as Zoology Club, and Pre-Vet Club. My current job is with a catering company named Gourmet Fresh where I have been a server for the past 2.5 years. Recently, I have looked into studying abroad and hope to broaden my horizons at OSU over the next four years.

Welcome to my e-Portfolio

Hi everyone and welcome to my e-Portfolio. Here I keep a running portfolio of my experiences and goals as I complete my Bachelors of Science in Zoology at The Ohio State University. Look around and feel free to email me with any questions you may have.