Short Film Project

In my short film I play a hero who saves people from chairs. The chairs are supposed to be the villains in the story. An unknown OSU student gets pinned down underneath a chair and our hero has to free him. The chairs start to fight back and he battles his way to save the victim. In the video I incorporated still images, multiple videos from different angles and different backgrounds, and Imovie backgrounds as well. I also put the classic song “holding out for a hero” by Bonnie Tyler in the background. I used costumes and props to help with the story line and my friends played different characters. I believe that the background music perfectly fits with the plot. I also tried to make the story short and concise yet long enough to where there would be no problem following along. I made sure to incorporate all major parts of a story, an introduction, rising action, a climax, and falling action. I used key frame animation to throw Bonnie Tyler, the singer of “holding out for a hero” our background song, into the video. I really enjoyed this project and learned a lot about Imovie, animation, and video/picture

Stop motion video project

In my video I used paper to draw characters and I cut them out and put them on a brown background. The short video is about a man and a woman at a dog park. There is a cut out sun and there is cut out grass. The man throws the ball to the dog who goes to fetch it and runs into a woman. The man offers to let the woman play with his dog to which the woman replies that she loves dogs. The woman, like everybody else, loves dogs. This is portrayed through cut out hearts that get bigger in each frame. I chose this story because this is actually how I met my girlfriend when we were in high school believe it or not. I chose the background music because it seemed to fit in perfectly with the situation and the story line. The upbeat music makes, the sun, and the grass make me think of a warm summer day. I think you can tell a lot more about a persons identity through a short stop motion video than you could through a single photo. For example, if I were to have just created a photo of all the characters we would not know who the dog belonged to or the relationship that developed between the two people.


Nick’s art portfolio


Normal Picture                                     Underexposed picture                    Overexposed picture



Cool Picture                                                   Warm Picture

I really enjoyed working with the exposure levels. Too much exposure or underexposure ruins the picture but depending on the photo it can really enhance the image and make it look a lot better. working with photoshop and the camera+ app has really showed me the basics of photography and how professional photographers take such good shots. I also enjoyed working with the brightness and contrast settings for the warmer and cooler effects. especially with the picture of the back pack you can really see how contrast comes into play in photography.

The buckeye shared identity means a lot to me. I am so proud to be an OSU buckeye. Ohio State has impacted my personal identity by making me more inclusive, harder working, and more independent.