The GOALS created by the honors college are a great outline of ways I should get involved while studying at Ohio State. Through global awareness, I can become more well versed and prepared to communicate with people from all walks of life. The ESHESA class taken with Mount Leadership stresses the importance of being culturally competent and regulating your voice. With original inquiry, I am now in an executive board position with VSA and it has motivated me to think creatively through getting involved with different traditional dance styles, fundraising ideas, and it has brought me more in touch with my parent’s history. With academic enrichment, I am taking classes that directly pertain to my major and they inspire me to think beyond the scope of the classroom. The class encourages students to look at peer review journals that contain content that is not directly covered in lecture. In leadership development, I have taken on the position of Philanthropy Chair in VSA and Media and Archive Co-Chair in Mount. These positions teach me how to collaborate with others and provide a stepping stone to future roles I may have. In service engagement, I will be volunteering at the Karl Road Homework Help Center for ESHESA and Mount. This service-learning allows me to serve alongside the individuals at the Homework Help center and learn from them as well.

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