Global Awareness: Being an Honors student, having an awareness of the world around me is important to better apply the knowledge that I gain here. In addition, I hope to become a doctor in the future, and understanding the state of the world around me could help me better relate to my patients and better diagnose diseases I might come across. To do this, I joined the club Medlife and joined a Buck-i-serv for the winter of 2017.

Original Inquiry: Researching topics that are interesting to me is definitely a goal of mine for my undergraduate career here at Ohio State. Whether it is a part of a class that I am taking or if it is researching with a professor, research is something that I will partake in in the next four years.

Academic Enrichment: While completing my Academic Plan, I realized how many upper-level chemistry classes I have to take and I surprised myself when I got excited to take them. There is an abundance of chemistry classes required for my major, including physical, inorganic, and instrumental chemistry that I am very excited for. In addition, I plan to take philosophy classes about medicine and the history of the spread of HIV, classes that are directly related to my goal of becoming a doctor.

Leadership Development: Currently, I am involved in Med-Life and I plan to do research. In both of these, attaining a leadership position is definitely a goal of mine. Having the power to persuade people to follow my vision and having success while doing it is one of my major goals in life, not just college. Learning how to do that here would only add on to the wonderful educational experience here at Ohio State.

Service Engagement: Currently, I am involved with Buck-i-serv, as I will be going to Mississippi in the winter of 2017 to volunteer. I am very excited to do this and see the benefits of my work and see the smiles that I can influence through my work. I hope to continue volunteering over the next four years then help people as a doctor later in my life.

Freshman Year Reflection: November 2017

Throughout the past few months, my life has drastically changed, as I left my home and began to attend The Ohio State University. While this is obviously a life-changing event, I have not found a huge change from my home life to my college life. Outside of the obvious, such as having roommates, a tiny bedroom, eating buffet food all day, and harder classes, my life is not significantly different. However, one big change has been the people that I associate myself with. I never could have imagined the people that I would have met and become friends with, mostly because of the vast number of people at this school. I hope to continue meeting new people and having new experiences during my undergraduate career here at Ohio State. Additionally, I hope begin performing research and meeting even more people. I have heard that it is very important to create a “network” of people for professional success, and this is my way of doing it.

In addition to meeting new people, I hope to eventually join clubs that I am interested in and allow myself to relax from the stress of my classes. The honors classes I have to take are much more difficult than those that I remember from high school. The classes are much more in depth and the tests are much more application based than I am used to. Overall, though, I am excited for the challenge that Ohio State brings for me. I hope to continue improving both my personal attributes and my professional resume through this wonderful university.

Year in Review

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About Me

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