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NGP Student Guides

The following guides have been compiled by NGP students in order to assist others in navigating the program and graduate school at large.

Guide to Columbus

Real Guide to Surviving the First Year of Grad School

Candidacy Survival Guide (2023)


Professional Development Workshops

The following link directs to the Financial Education Resources page from the Scarlet and Gray Financial Coaching office.

Financial Education Resources

The following is content from Dr. Marcela Hernandez’s two-part workshop, “Becoming a Postdoc: How to Choose the Right Mentor and Make the Most of Your Postdoctoral Training.” The first session focuses on if a postdoc position is the right choice for you. The second session focuses on choosing the right postdoc and making the most out of your postdoctoral training.

Becoming a Postdoc – Part 1

Becoming a Postdoc – Part 2


Other Resources

Science Career Handbook 2018: This comprehensive guide put out by Science describes the multitude of industry position available to qualified candidates, offers advice about getting started in the industry, and contains detailed information about fellowships for those interested in science and policy.

Nature: Being a PhD Student Shouldn’t Be Bad for Your Health: Nature commented on graduate student mental health and well-being and argued that, while the issue is finally gaining the attention it deserves, more must be done to protect future generations of researchers. “Supervisors need comprehensive, compulsory training to identify, assist and understand researchers facing mental-health problems,” the article said, among other recommendations.

Nature Biotechnology: Evidence for a Mental Health Crisis in Graduate Education: This article in Nature Biotechnology provides data prompting both academia and policy makers to consider intervention strategies regarding the mental health of graduate students. “Despite increased discussion of the topic,” the article says, “there remains a dire need to resolve our understanding of the mental health issues in the trainee population.”

Science: Graduate Students Under Pressure: An article in Science covers a study that surveyed doctoral students about mental health levels through different stages in their graduate programs and determined that “well-being and motivation are high during the coursework phase and very low during the comprehensive examination phase.” The article suggests that “departmental efforts to clarify expectations and provide support during this transition may help to mitigate this expected drop in well-being levels.”

Edge for Scholars: Suicide Prevention in University Settings: Edge for Scholars provides a list of links, training, resources, and other general guides to help improve mental health at university settings. To help someone in need of care now, the post recommends that readers “Refer directly to your institution’s health and counseling centers for specific programs to help you or your colleagues and scholars.”

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NGP Website Bio Update


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