Leave your Legacy – Name a room in our new clinic

We have been working to finalize the room naming opportunities. After looking at many versions of floorplans, scouring blueprints, and determining which spaces would be the most preferred, we have an approved naming list.

Our goal is for each of these spaces to have a name by the completion of the building in 2020. Here are those options and the number of rooms available:

  • Low Vision Exam Rooms (6 rooms)
  • Primary Vision Care Exam Rooms (18 rooms)
  • Low Vision Consult Room
  • Primary Vision Care Consultation Room
  • Binocular Vision/ Pediatric Service Exam Rooms (12 rooms – 10 remain)
  • Reception & Patient Waiting Area
  • Advanced Ocular Care Exam Rooms (6 rooms – 2 remain)
  • Contact Lens Exam Rooms (16 rooms – 8 remain)
  • Advanced Ocular Care Consultation Room
  • Contact Lens Consultation Room
  • Low Vision Services Clinic
  • Binocular Vision/Pediatric Service Wing
  • Advanced Ocular Care Service Clinic
  • Primary Vision Care Service Clinic
  • Contact Lens Service Clinic (Pending Sale)
  • Lounge area – First Floor
  • Large Group Vision Therapy Room
  • Primary Vision Care Testing Room
  • Sub Waiting Room (2 rooms)
  • Main Waiting Area
  • Main Clinic Elevator
  • All Access Elevator
  • First Floor Meeting Room
  • Second Floor Meeting Room
  • Second Floor Conference Room
  • Third Floor Employee Lounge Area
  • Contact Lens Consult Room
  • Primary Vision Care Consult Room
  • Binocular Vision/ Pediatric Consult Room

In addition, there are several other spaces such as faculty offices and vision therapy rooms, for example, that are not part of our listing. If you’re passionate about one of these areas of the building, let’s talk and see what we can do.

Also remember that you can use this naming opportunity to honor a loved one, classmate or special faculty member. For example, when the Fry Hall tower was built, Wayne Collier (BSOpt’65) named the sixth floor conference room for John Schoessler (OD’66, MS’68, PhD’71), Dean Zadnik named a faculty office for her father and grandfather, and in the pre-clinic we have a room named in honor of Chris O’Brien (OD’92) from his classmates and family.

If you’ve been on the fence in the past about naming a space, we can talk with you about how we can make this happen. There are many ways to give to the college, and gifts can be broken into increments over time to make it as easy as possible. We can find the best way for you to be involved. Please reach out to Rachel Childress at 614-292-2100 or childress.35@osu.edu to learn more.