Sign Up for a Session

As part of the precautions taken by the Ohio State University at Newark in response to COVID-19, all writing tutoring will be conducted temporarily online. 

There are two options for students who wish to seek help from a Writer’s Studio peer writing consultant.

1. Live Chat Session: If you wish to meet with a Peer Writing Consultant, you can sign up for a synchronous session through Carmen Zoom.

Check out our tutorial video on signing up for a session!

    • To schedule a 30-minute session with a PWC, go to and login with your name.# and your OSU password.
    • Once you have reached the welcome page, click on Search Availability in the upper left corner of the screen.
    • Click on the dropdown menu that reads Centers and choose OSU Writer’s Studio.
    • You can search by a specific week, day, and time to find available PWCs.
    • Once you have selected a 30-minute time slot, click on the time and fill out the Comment Section and Reasons dropdown menu.
    • Click save.
    • Log back into five minutes before the appointment.
    • Click on the link under Upcoming Appointments in the center of the welcome page.
    • Note: This link will only become available 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment. If you login before that 15 minutes, you will not see the link and the page does not automatically refresh. You will need to refresh the page manually in order to click on the link. 
    • You will be directed to a Zoom waiting room until the tutor is ready to see you.
    • More about Carmen Zoom can be found here.

2. Drop-off Session: While it is preferred for students to sign up for Live Chat Sessions, we also offer an asynchronous option. A student may submit a paper for review by filling out the Visiting Writer’s online form.

(Note: This format of tutoring is not direct, and you will not receive immediate feedback from our trained Peer Writing Consultants. This option is for students experiencing technical difficulties or those who do not have access to a setting fit for a Zoom session. If you wish to receive detailed feedback in real time with one of our PWCs, please sign up for a synchronous session.)

Check out our tutorial video on filling out the Visiting Writer’s online form!

    • Make sure to fill out the entire form, including the important step of providing your concerns and questions regarding your text in the comment box.
    • After filling out the form, you are prompted to upload your paper.
    • Please make sure your paper is saved as a Word document so we can open it. OSU students can download Microsoft Office for free. Alternatively, OSU students can use Microsoft apps online.
    • The assigned peer writing consultant (PWC) will try to provide you feedback (based on your guidance) within 48 hours of their receiving the essay. They will send their comments to you by e-mail.
    • If you wish to work with a specific PWC, please let us know in the comment box.
    • Note: JotForms allows for only one uploaded document per form, so the PWC may be in contact over e-mail to ask you for an assignment prompt or further clarification on the assignment.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all get accustomed to these new methods of tutoring at the Writer’s Studio. If you have any questions about these options for writing tutoring, please contact Dr. Derek Boczkowski at