Our Staff 2024

Meet: Sophia Mustric
Major: Psychology BA; SW
Tutoring Course: 2018

Needing tutors as a freshman myself, I realize how invaluable the campus resources, peer collaboration and social connections are to a full college experience. I enjoy helping students communicate their unique ideas into clear, academic writing.

Meet: Nikki Aves
Major: English & Psychology
Tutoring Course: 2014

Working with the students and faculty at the OSUN campus is a wonderful experience. I enjoy the disocurse of Political & Psychoanalytic Theory, Psychology, Poetry, Music and Art.

Meet: Shawn White
Major: English / Minor: History
Tutor Course: 2023

As an ideas man, Shawn especially loves the Writer’s Studio for the deeply non-platitudinous nature of the conversations he finds himself falling into on a daily basis, both with the students and his coworkers. Every dialogue is like cracking open an oyster and finding pearls inside, each one more opalescent than the last—and Shawn could not be more grateful for this.

Meet: Serenity Rowland

Major: English

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Type of writing: poetry writing and creative writing

I love being able to help students find their voice and believe in their writing.

Christopher Tyler Dailey
Major: History
Tutor Course: 2023

I enjoy helping people along their way to being strong academic writers. I enjoy reading and writing both dark fantasy and dystopic science fiction.

Meet: Kira Young
Major: English / Minor: History
Tutor Course: 2023

I enjoy the relaxed environment of the Writing Center. It’s a good place to study or to just relax and read a book! The staff are also amazing.

I typically read anything in horror, mystery, or thriller.

Meet: Erica Romine

Major: English

Tutor Course: 2023

Meet: Kealy Ghezzi

Major: English

Tutor Course: 2022

I enjoy writing because it permits me to use my creativity and imagination to bring my words to life. Working with my fellow OSU Newark students in the Writer’s Studio allows me to utilize this. Being a PWC enables me to collaborate with my peers and assist them in finding their writing voice in an atmosphere conducive to creating pieces.

 In my free time, I enjoy reading, especially my favorite genre: fantasy!

Meet: Anthony Malott
Major: English
Tutor Course: 2023

Since middle school I’ve found English very interesting, and what better place to explore that interest than the Newark Writers’ Studio? I hope to see you at the OSU Newark Writers Studio soon!

I enjoy reading and writing Fiction, Fantasy, and Biographies

I enjoy reading Fiction. I’m currently reading My Darkest Dearest.