Medical Humanities Minor

This interdisciplinary undergraduate minor in Medical Humanities instructs students about the social and cultural contexts of health, illness, and medical care. The minor offers critical perspectives on medicine not only as a body of technical and scientific knowledge, but also as a cultural process. It will benefit students seeking to do graduate work in fields related to the health professions, those seeking employment in the health professions immediately after graduation, and those seeking to expand their knowledge of issues in health care as part of their undergraduate education.

The minor consists of five undergraduate courses for a minimum of 15 total credit hours. Courses that fulfill minor requirements may also be used to fulfill the university’s General Education requirements.


  • Complete one course from the following: Classics 2204, Comp Studies 3645, English 3361, History 2705.
  • Complete at least four courses from the Elective Requirements.
  • Complete at least three courses from the Elective Requirements if completing optional capstone.

The Medical Humanities Minor can be completed at Ohio State’s Columbus campus.

Interested? Talk to your advisor or one of our English faculty to learn more.

For more information, download the official OSU Medical Humanities Minor sheet.