Our lab welcomes working with collaborators across disciplines to develop evidence-based models for varying conditions with attention and sensory processing concerns.

Current Collaborations:

With the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Collaborating with Dr. Lise Worthen-Chaudhari’s Motion Analysis and Recovery Laboratory, we are investigating the question: Can Tango-based interventions work as a treatment for rehabilitation of balance in patients with neuropathy, and can we find EEG measures of neuroplasticity to explain the benefits?


Link to Dr. Worthen-Chaudari’s faculty page: Lise Worthen-Chaudhari, PhD, MFA, CCRC | Ohio State College of Medicine (


With the Department of Psychology

Collaborating with Dr. Andy Leber’s Cognitive Control Laboratory, we are investigating the question: What are the common visual search strategies used in individuals on the autism spectrum? Is the most optimal strategy used despite the perceived load of effort needed to perform it?


Link to Dr. Leber’s Cognitive Control Laboratory website: Welcome (