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Undergraduate Students: We are looking for students interested in hands-on clinical research and are passionate about research in the area of sensory processing, attention, autism, or occupational therapy. Undergraduate students who volunteer in the lab also get course credit for their work in the lab, usually HRS 4998. Dr. Crasta is also involved in mentoring students who are interested in completing an honors thesis or research distinction. Duties include testing participants, assisting with data entry, reading papers, and presenting at lab meetings. Desirable qualifications include some computer programming skills, coursework in cognition and/or neuroscience, strong organization, and interpersonal skills. If you would like to know more, please contact current students on the “Meet our Team” page. If you are interested in joining the lab, please contact us at

Occupational Therapy Doctoral Students: Dr. Crasta is accepting applications from OTD students who are interested in pursuing a research specialization during their program as well as students who would like to be involved in research in children on the autism spectrum.

PhD Applicants: Students with a strong interest in occupational therapy, sensory processing, autism, pediatrics, and neuroscience may be a good fit for the lab. Check out our publications page to learn more about our research. Experience with neuroimaging/EEG techniques and clinical pediatrics is preferred.

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