E-learning Strategies

As a student who loves online classes and take them all the time, there are many strategies that I learned. One of the main keys to success in an online class is to be organized. Always keep up with the due dates and have them near your sight whether they are in your calendar or printed on your desk. Another thing to keep in mind is to set specific days/dates for the work/assignment you plan to work on ahead of time. It is easy to forget about your online class especially if you have other classes in person. Finally, contact your instructor all the time with any questions or situations such as illness. Your teacher is always there to help you and make sure you get the most knowledge out of the course and best grade.

In this video there are couple of tips I talked about and more in online learning strategies

Takeaway Point from Class

There are three main points I have taken away from the class ESLTECH 2011. The class was mainly focused in how to be successful when talking an online course.

Sarah was our case study, she was a hard worker but faced difficulties taking online classes. She lost her motivation at one point during her course so we were able to address that issue from many aspects. The main one was the goal setting following SMART goal strategies as mentioned in the reading “SMART goals help you achieve success”1. Where each letter from the word SMART stands for a specific element in setting our goal.

Another takeaway point is how to take notes. We lose a lot of time and effort in taking notes and end up not using them. It is important to understand how to take notes and what methods to use. Abbreviation makes things easier and consume less time. Also, reading the lecture/slides in advance helps organize the ideas and make note taking way simpler. Lastly, recording the lecture is a very helpful method especially if your teacher talks fast and you can’t catch up.

The final takeaway from this course is how to solve conflict with your class mates if happened. We must consider the differences in our personality and how we get things done when we work as a group. Sometimes these differences could effect the resulting work or project done as a group. Many steps are used to avoid these kind of conflicts and make group work easier and more fun. Set a goal/objective with you team members and make sure everyone is happy with what they are doing. Of course after making sure to chose a leader to organize things and keep the group in track. It is very important to not forget that your teacher is there to help you and solve any conflict that is getting out of your control.

I have enjoyed taking this class because there are small details that help me with my online classes and improve my skills. Knowledge and technology are powerful and we should always look out for new information or innovation.


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Taking Note Strategies

In this class I have learned a lot about taking notes. I usually just take notes and waste time writing and not being able to listen to my teacher. Here are couple of tips to consider when taking notes that I have learned from this class:

1- Abbreviation makes your life easier and save you time.
2- if you write slow like me consider recording your teacher.
3- Read/take a look at the material you will go over in class and be prepared with some bullet points.
4- Use one of the new technologies such as surface/laptop to write on the actual slides so you will not hustle later to find the notes.
5- Make sure your notes are organized and dated.

Here is a helpful link about taking notes that explain these tips and more in depth