President Mansoor Press Briefing

President Mansoor addressed the possibility of a travel band on flights in regards to Ebola. “Quarantine is on of the most effective means of preventing transmission of the Ebola diseases.


The president says that before he implements such travel bands, proper quarantine for those traveling to and from west Africa needs to be considered and evaluated.

The President said that the travel from here to west Africa and vice versa is a very dangerous risk and the possible elimination of all flights in and out of the state can and will be considered to prevent any contamination or transmission of the disease.

Ebola is the biggest possible pandemic since Spanish influenza in 1819. says Mansoor

“no disease has the dangers of spreading and becoming a pandemic as Ebola does”.

The president has directed a review so that the Center for Disease Control has the right procedures in place to ensure the safe of all he alt care workers.

The president says that the chances of an ebola outbreak are very very very low.


Multi cultural center

This experience was absolutely amazing but kind of hard.  Finding a story was probably the easiest part of the assignment. When I went to set up an interview, everyone was super helpful because they as well as my self wanted to get the story out.  I originally spoke with Jasmine Mickey who is the program director for the student out reach and engagement. She gave me everything when I was asking question. I do however feel that some of the questions I asked her during the interview could have been more engaging.  intimidation kind of took over once I was in the room because I wanted to get a good story and ask all the right questions but still be professional.

It was a little difficult initially getting in contact with Felix Alonso due to his busy schedule but I ended up being able to speak with his and just get to know him and the purpose behind him staying at ohio state.

Overall I enjoyed the experience but there are something’s I would do differently.

Story Idea

who: Wired Out OSU

What: They are moving locations and changing their names

When: December 2014

Where: Moving out of Enerson hall and next to the Huntington Bank on north campus next to parking garages

Why: they need more space for product and students.

How: they want to gain more customer base and expand so more students have access to the store