Teachers, where else can you…

  • Explore the rich culture, vast history and unique customs of China, Japan and Korea…
  • Immerse yourself in the depth of knowledge of Asian studies experts, researchers and scholars…
  • Surround yourself with peers who share your interest in Asian culture and society
  • Receive free books on Asia while earning resource grants for yourself, your classroom and your school…

…all without leaving Ohio?

Teaching about Asia seminars are for 6-12th grade teachers who wish to incorporate or enhance curriculum about East Asia in their classrooms.

Enroll in the free NCTA seminars and uncover a wealth of information and experience on China, Japan and Korea—all right here in Ohio. Renowned university professors and experts on Asian studies will lead you on an academic tour of East Asia that will inspire you to inspire your students.

As an NCTA seminar participant, you will:

  • Attend 33 hours of seminars taught by university professors, Asian studies researchers and lecturers .
  • Learn the history, culture, art, politics, current events, literature and more of China, Japan and Korea. Participate in discussions and activities that showcase trends, highlight similarities and differences, and stimulate thought-provoking dialogue on Asia and the U.S.
  • Translate the knowledge you gain into three lesson plans—one each on China, Japan and Korea—that will challenge, educate, and inspire your students to learn more about Asia.
  • Exchange ideas and collaborate with fellow teachers, university professors and local experts.
  • Attend follow-up events to share your experiences, learn from others’ and continually enhance East Asian content in your curriculum.

Upon successful completion of the NCTA program requirements, you will receive the following benefits:

  • $400 personal stipend for your time and completed lesson plans
  • $200 worth of seminar texts and resources to add to your personal library
  • $300 resource grant to purchase Asia-related textbooks, films and other supplies for your school
  • Option to purchase graduate credit
  • Continuing education unit certificate
  • Seminar alumni may be eligible for support for in-country experiences (pending funding).

See Future Sites for further information.