NCTA 2023 Summer Seminar

Foundational Seminar: Crossroads of EAST ASIA, STEAM, SS, ELA, and SEL

Join us for a virtual journey that will introduce East Asia’s diverse cultures and environment while building and enhancing your tool chest of teaching resources for the classroom. Focusing on the regions that comprise present-day China, Japan, and Korea, participants in this free online seminar will engage with experts and other educators in the field to explore major trends, global issues, and historic foundations that shape East Asian society. Through hands-on activities, films, lectures, and discussion, the cohort will learn about East Asia’s diverse cultures to enhance teaching resources in the classroom. A broad range of innovative teaching materials will be shared, engaging social-emotional learning (SEL), education in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), Social Studies, ELA, and other cross-curricular approaches to society and culture.

The East Asian Studies Center at The Ohio State University coordinates the 36 hour seminar in Ohio, including a 30 hour summer seminar, an orientation and follow up event.  This seminar is supported by the University of Pittsburgh NCTA national coordinating site, Asian Studies Center, University Center for International Studies and a U.S. Department of Education Title VI Grant to The Ohio State University East Asian Studies Center.

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