NCTA 2020 Lesson Plans

The Communist Revolutions: Mao Zedong and Vladimir Lenin” Lesson Plan by Macey Berkley

Taiwan modernization” Lesson Plan and Powerpoint by Holly Branch

Sanjiao: The Three Teachings (Confucianism, Daoism, & Buddhism)” Lesson Plan by Jeanemer Catane

Temple Architecture” Lesson Plan by Erica Davis-Hernandez

Kami/Kamuy: Oppression, ideology, and representation of the Ainu in Japan” Lesson Plan by Sisi Funk

Introduction to Manga/Graphic Novels” Lesson Plan by Hannah Green

How did Confucianism establish order for Chinese society?” Lesson Plan by Stephanie Hagan

Confucianism and PBIS” Lesson Plan by Bill Hilt

The Influence of KPOP Music in East Asia” Lesson Plan by Megan Hsiao

Language Builders” Lesson Plan by Kelsey Kerscher

Resistance” Lesson Plan and Attachment by Jennifer LaPlace

Learning about Zen through Enso Circle” Lesson Plan by Qiuhui Li

My favorite leader in East Asia Economy” Lesson Plan by Qing Liang

Teacher Appreciation Day” Lesson Plan by Shu Hui Lin

Silk Road Simulation – How was Asia impacted by Europe and vice versa” Lesson Plan and Attachments by Andy Lyon

“Kamishibai” Lesson Plan by Jacob Mayer

East Asian Societies” Lesson Plan and Attachments by Timothy Sebetich

Unfolding the Secrets of DNA Origami” Lesson Plan by Jennifer Smith

Introduction to East Asia Geography and Contemporary Issues Investigation” Lesson Plan by Luke Sundermeier

The Legacy of Imperialism upon East Asian Governmental Structure” Lesson Plan by William Wyss