Lesson Plans on Japan

Art of Japan, Shari Densel, Toledo 07
Buddhist Architecture, E. Mark Kreps, Delaware 13
Contemporary Japanese Relief Painting, Pamela McDowell, Columbus 04
Drawing Anime Style, Rebecca Pope, Columbus 04
Folding Screen in the Rinpa Painting Style of Japan, Barbara Porter, Delaware 13
Himeji vs. Harlech Bulletin Boards: Comparing the Similarities and Differences of Medieval Castles, Rose Schlosser, Columbus 04
How the “Opening of the West Influenced Japanese Art and Powerpoint, Sara Beardsley, Columbus 19
Integrating Anime & Manga into my Art of Motion Picture Course, Loraine Hammack, Cleveland 05
Isamu Noguchi, Patricia Banas, Columbus 04
Japan/ Kirigami Chain People, Mary Phillis-Hart, Athens 10
Japanese Art Show, Candee Hurt, Oberlin 10
Japanese Floating Lanterns, Kathleen Fuller, Granville 09
Japanese Headbands, Mindy Wolfe, Marietta 08
Japanese Poetry, Gregory Booth, Granville 09
Japanese Printmaking, Dan Vallette, Columbus 04
Japanese Shodo & PPT, Cathy Hart, Columbus 06
Japanese Woodblock Prints, Leslie Burnham, Toledo 07
Japanese Woodblocks and the Art of the Postcard, Laurie Marks, Oxford 09
Japanese Zen Gardens, Kim Aritonovich, Delaware 13
Modern Japanese Fashion, Loretta Gray, Cleveland 12
Sense and Sensibility: Ukiyo-e and the Transformation of Japanese Art , Cynthia Richards, Akron 08
Themes in Japanese Anime, Barbara McBrady , Cincinnati 06
Traditional Japanese Homes: Past and Present, Sharon Drummond, Columbus 11

1998 Nagano Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, Alexandros Thanos, Columbus 11
Anime and Manga: With an Emphasis on Art and Language Arts, Jill Davis, Oxford 09
Chanoyu: The Art of Tea, Susan Stroh & Linda Glave, Toledo 05
Cleanliness in Japan and the U.S., Mary L. Kelley, Cincinnati 06
Comparison/Contrast of Celebrations in Guatemala and Japan regarding getting rid of the devil , Kathleen Heilman, Columbus 19
Comparison of American and Japanese Cultural Values, Beth Schmidt, Cincinnati 06
Comparison of Japanese and American Baseball, Eric Sottosanti, Akron 08
Consumerism/ Pop Culture/ with Colored Pencil Drawing, Shelley Harvan, Cleveland 05
Culture Sharing: Holidays and Special Days, Barbara Wookey, Columbus 06
Film Study: Hula Girls, Barbara McCullough, Marietta 08
Go Fly a Kite!, Erin Santangelo, Toledo 07
Holidays and Celebrations of Japan, Christine Little, Marietta 08
Integrating Traditional Japanese Dance into Social Studies and Humanities Curriculum, Loren Bucek, Columbus 06
Japan: History & Culture, Jessica Burchett, Oberlin 10
Japanese and American Culture: Attitudes about death and grief, Leslie Hosgood, Columbus 17
Japanese and Chinese views of each other: Short-term and Long-term causes, Attachment 1, Attachment 2, Attachment #3, Attachment #4, Attachment #5, Attachment #6, Attachment #7, Attachment #8, Jeffrey Stafford, Columbus 17
Japanese Bookbinding Kit, Greg Walton, Columbus 04
Japanese Cooking, April Thompson, Columbus 17
Japanese Culture, Dan Vallette, Columbus 04
Japanese Culture for 3rd Graders , Sherry Flora, Columbus 19
Japanese Culture, Medieval-Modern, Tradition & Change, Anita Russ, Cleveland 05
Japanese Customs: The Treatment of Lost Property
, Pete Ewing, Columbus 04
Japanese Etiquette and Customs, Neal Myers, Columbus 17
Japanese Manners & Lifestyle, Hui-Ling Haldeman, Cleveland 05
Japanese New Year, Hong Zhu, Toledo 05
Japanese Social Rules and Interactions, Andrew Salzer, Columbus 04
Japanese Society, Tracy Imamura, Columbus 04
Japanese Theatre, Michelle Miller, Toledo 05
Kimono Project, Matthew Russ, Akron 08
Kindergarten Education in Japan and the United States, Misty Swanger, Columbus 04
Kites of Japan, Jill Hurley, Columbus 04
Learning About Japan, Lesa McDaniel, Athens 10
New Year Celebrations in Japan, Yi Zhang , Columbus 06
Organic Japanese Food, Marjorie Langston, Columbus 17
Origami, Carol Ann Clark, Marietta 08
Origami in Japan, Dale Foster, Columbus 17
Sexual Stereotypes in Japan, Jennifer Swinehart, Columbus 04
Tambata: The Japanese “Wish Upon a Star” Festival & Sound Clip, Deborah Robinson, Columbus 06
Tea Ceremony, Rhoda Erdman, Cleveland 05
Thousand Cranes and Japanese Tea Ceremony, Donna Shurr, Oberlin 10
Tree of Cranes, Harry Gao, Columbus 06
Understanding Interpersonal Relations in Japanese Culture, Laura Soltis, Columbus 04
Uniformity in Japan, Ralph King, Columbus 04
USA v. Imperial Japan in WWII-“Why We Fight…But Is It Real?, Nick Geruntino, Columbus 11
Using News Broadcasts in Japan and the U.S as Cultural Lenses, Deborah Robinson, Columbus 06
Visual Literacy Activity, Michelle Mrakovich, Cleveland 05
Women in Two Countries: Japan and America, Jennifer Preslan, Toledo 07
Yu-Gi-Oh! Marking History, Anita Russ, Cleveland 05

Japan’s Economic Development, Susan Beck, Athens 10
Japanese Book Markers: Entrepreneurship in the Classroom, Carla Fletcher, Akron 08
Japanese Industrialization, John Dean, Cincinnati 06

Comparing the Japanese Educational System to the American, David Parish, Wooster 07
Education across the Seas, KaSandra Emler, Columbus 11

Art, Culture and the Atomic Tragedy in Japan, Grovine Buffington, Cleveland 12
Asian Studies Unit: Japan, Ellen Miller and Natalie Mroz, Columbus 04
Asian World Powers Unit: Japan, Ellen Miller, Granville 09
Comparing the Cultural Tradition of Masks in Japanese and Igo Culture, Tara Fox, Columbus 16
Further Reading, Thomas Ulrich, Toledo 05
General Unit on Japan, Edward Radcliffe, Marietta 08
Introduction to Japan, Christopher W. Miller, Columbus 16
The Impact of War on the Environment: Hiroshima, Kim Depue, Marietta 08
Japan: Land of the Rising Sun, Ruth Beschta, Columbus 04
Japanese Kites, Christine Cavalier, Marietta 08
Language, Literature, the Arts, Beliefs, and Values, Toni Foltz, Toledo 05
Perspectives on Japan, Theodore Wilson III, Oberlin 10
Population Density in Japan: A Simulation, Pamela Thompson, Oberlin 10
Planning a 2 week trip to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima, David Fawcett, Columbus 06
Shikata Ga Nai: It Can’t Be Helped or Can it? Abuse of Jap.-American Civil Liberties in WWII, Lesa Bame, Oxford 09
Stereotyping – Japan, Laurel Fitch, Columbus 16
A Travel Guide to Japan, Thomas Trang, Columbus 17

Disputed Land, Bobbie Mucha, Columbus 06
Geography of Japan, Maryann Harris, Cleveland 05
Japan and the Ring of Fire, Melinda Jurus, Columbus 04
Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, Bethany Boyd, Columbus 11
Japanese Baseball Geography, Ryan Ryzner, Cleveland 12
Japan’s Military Expansion: Does it Make for a Safer East Asia?, Mike Swank, Akron 08
Japan: Seismic Activity and its Effects, Allison Hebeler, Oxford 09
Modern Japan: Tsunami Relief, Mitchell Clark, Toledo 05

American Imperialism and Its Japanese Encounter, Gretchen Williams, Columbus 19
An American Perspective on Japan: Oral History Memoirs of American Experiences in Japan, Nancy Clendenen
Analyzing Japanese Imperialism, Kathy Swanger, Columbus 04
Arrival of Commodore Perry: Differing Perspective, Amanda Ahrens, Cleveland 12
Teaching the Atomic Bomb, Danielle Filas, Delaware 13
Atomic Bombs in WWII, Andrew Salzer, Columbus 04
Atrocities during World War II, Paul Chidester, Columbus 06
The Attack on Pearl Harbor, Lindsey Ritscher, Marietta 08
Bombing of Hiroshima: A Japanese Perspective, Joan Perry-Szafarowicz, Toledo 07
Commodore Perry and Japan, Jeff Kho, Cleveland 12
Comparison of Feudalism in Japan and Europe, Lori Dhiraprasiddhi, Granville 09
Comparison of Nuremberg and Tokyo War Crimes Trials, Jolene Dyer, Wooster 07
Do You Have a Job, Most Honorable Daimyo?, Molly Krist, Akron 08
The Dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Japan, Russell Lammermeier, Cleveland 12
Dropping the Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Lynn Pangrace, Cleveland 12
The End of Japanese Isolationism, Charles Martindell, Delaware 13
End of WWII – focusing on the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Jessica Parker, Columbus 11
Experiencing Japanese Feudalism, Amy Netter, Toledo 05
Feudal Japan, Mary Kay Ryan, Oberlin 10
Feudalism and Transitions, Betsy Beaver, Delaware 13
Feudalism Comparison, Jenny Sage, Granville 09
Feudalism in Japan, Marie Ternes, Oberlin 10
Feudalism in Japan and Europe, Virginia Ressa, Columbus 06
Feudalism in Japan and Europe, Mary Anne Kinzly, Oberlin 10
Friends First Matsuri: Festival Based on Japanese Matsuri, Kathleen Allan, Oxford 09
Global Impact of World War I: Japan, Charles Bell, Wooster 07
Grave of the Fireflies, Scott Nickel, Columbus 04
Hiroshima, Carolyn Willis, Columbus 16
Hiroshima as Seen Through the Prism of Japanese Pop Culture (Anime and Manga), Bob Wilson, Columbus 19
How did the Meiji Constitution and Constitution of 1947 Frame Social and Political Order in Japan?, Regina Feldman, Cleveland 12
How Japan Rebuilds Following World War II, Tammie Ray, Akron 08
Hiroshima, Japan, Rob Fetters, Columbus 04
Impact of the Atomic Bomb, Sean Brennan, Cleveland 12
Imperial Impact: Reinventing Identity, Rose Remmel, Akron 08
Imperialism: Commodore Perry’s Visit, Don Haven, Granville 09
Internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, Dorene Miller, Wooster 07
Japan Before and After WWII, Bryan Evans, Oberlin 10
Japan’s Cult of the Emporer, Joe Serio, Akron 08
Japan’s History, Culture and Religions, Rita Limbert, Columbus 16
Japanese Feudal Class System, Elizabeth Bank, Columbus 16
Japan’s Feudal System, Linnet Knight, Columbus 04
Japanese Firestorms, Brent Martin, Granville 09
Japanese History, Steve Murray, Columbus 06
Japanese in America: Citizens without Rights, Kerry Dugan, Oxford 09
The Japanese in Manchuria: Hsinking (Changchun) in the 1930’s, Tamula Drumm, Cleveland 12
Japanese Internment Camps, Carrie Bray & Penelope Harris, Oxford 09
Japanese Internment in the US, Jan Wagoner, Oxford 09
Japanese Kite Project, Gary Fitchpatrick, Cleveland 12
Japanese Modernization & Imperialism 1850-1907, Anne O’Leary, Toledo 05
The Japanese Revolution, Joe Kennedy, Oxford 09
Japan’s View of Itself in China and Korea, Karissa Piper, Akron 08
Japanese War Crimes of the Sino-Japanese War and World War I, Melissa Ryan, Wooster 07
Kami/Kamuy: Oppression, ideology, and representation of the Ainu in Japan, Sisi Funk, Columbus 20
Meiji Mondernization, Andrea Dumolt, Columbus 04
Mongul Empire and Japan, Suzanne Ford, Columbus 17
The Mongol Invasion of Japan, Marbara Huntwork, Delware 13
Nakahama Manjiro, Bonnie Shiplet, Columbus 04
Post War Japan, Mitchell Clark, Toledo 05
Pressure to Modernize: Japan’s Response to Western Influence,  Elizabeth Newcomb, Columbus 19
Promises and Propaganda–the Power of Persuasion, Emily Shrestha, Cleveland 12
The Rape of Nanking, Frank Casey, Oberlin 10
The Rape of Nanking: Moral Accountability in a Time of War, Michael Hinze, Columbus 06
The Rise of Modern Japan, Eric C. VonBerg, Columbus 17
Shin’s Tricycle and Truman’s Statement, Marc Montella, Granville 09
Terminating the War between the Allies and Japan, Mary Hetrick, Wooster 07
Thinking about the A-Bomb, Casey Matthews, Cleveland 12
Tradition versus Change: The Meiji Restoration, Kathryn Benken, Oxford 09
The Trial of Harry Truman, Edward Swope, Granville 09
The Treatment of WWII in History, Michael Hinze, Columbus 06
US Firebombing – Why can’t we find it?, Whitney Burris, Columbus 11
The Way of the Warriors: Comparing the Samurai and the Knight, Heidi Blue, Akron 08
World War II/ Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Chris Baughman, Athens 10
World War II: Japanese-American Internment, Mona Al-Hayani, Toledo 07
World War II: What Would You Have Done?, Erin Brickwood, Akron 08
World War II & the Atomic Bomb, Lindsey VanFossen, Columbus 16
World War II and the Atomic Bomb, Rachel Marten, Athens 10
World War II/ US & Japanese Home Front, Kyle McDowell, Delaware 13

Senryu: Japanese Honorifics, Corinne Full, Marietta 08
Economic Miracle Teaching Tool, Nobuko Komura, Columbus 21

General Literature

Barefoot Gen: A Cartoon Story of Hiroshima, Jeanne Bolton, Columbus 16
Basho’s Poetic Journey, Cynthia Richards, Akron 08
Conversational Ballgames, Debb Draudt, Oberlin 10
Introduction to Literature of Japan, Connie Massaro, Wooster 07
Japanese Literature, Mary Wryst, Athens 10
Japanese Short Stories, Telisha LeFloria, Akron 08
Japanese Tall Tales, Carol Roger, Wooster 07
Passage to Freedom: The Sugihara Story, Rebecca Volkmann, Columbus 04
The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon, Susan Coffman, Columbus 04
The Recent Japanese Disaster and the Connection to Matsuo Basho, Jeff Gottke, Columbus 11
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, Susan Mendenhall, Wooster 07
So Far From the Bamboo Grave, Joseph Schmall, Columbus 17
Studying the Pillow Book by Sei Shonagon, Jamie Foley, Columbus 06
The Phone Booth in Mr. Hirota’s Garden & Teaching Tool, Ellen Broyles, Columbus 21
The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks, Beth MacLehose, Columbus 06
The Waiting Years, by Fumiko Enchi, Sara Beardsley, Marietta 08
Teaching about Peace through the Cranes of Hiroshima, Una King, Wooster 07
Trickster Tales: African American and Japanese, Ann Matney, Toledo 07
Under the Blood Red Sun by Graham Salisbury, Lydia Cardona, Oberlin 10
Wabi Sabi, Amanda Lucero, Delaware 13

Haiku, Laina Kominos, Columbus 06
Haiku Deathmatch, Cassandra McGuyrt, Akron 08
Haiku of Basho, Edith Swank, Wooster 07
Haiku Poetry, Jennifer Hendricks, Marietta 08
Haiku Poetry, Shanaka Horner, Marietta 08
Haiku Poetry of Japan, Alaric Harris, Cincinnati 06
Introduction to Manga/Graphic Novels, Hannah Green, Columbus 20
Japanese Tanka & PPT, Cathy Hart, Columbus 06
Japanese Travel Poetry: An Introducation, Ed Rebmann, Columbus 11
Karuta History & Teaching Resource, Kayla Kolean, Columbus 21
Tanka Poetry: Japanese Poetry is not just Haiku, Diana Carr, Delaware 13

Japanese Folk Tales and Kamishibai, Bernadette Sedor, Oberlin 10
Japanese Kamishibai Stories, Jona Hall, Marietta 08
Kamishibai & Teaching Resource, Margaurita Cueva, Columbus 21
Kamishibai & Attachment, Lynn Swaney, Columbus 17
Kamishibai in 6th Grade, Kathy Ward, Columbus 19
Kamishibai- Historical Roots and Contemporary Children’s Literature, Jennifer Evans Kinsley, Delaware 13
Exploring Kamishibai & Teaching Resource, Pamela Fleming, Columbus 21
Japanese Kamishibai Propaganda in Historical Context & Teaching Tool, Robin Krause, Columbus 21

Introduction to the Abacus, Charlee Raddish, Akron 08

The Caste System in Japan, James Swift , Cincinnati 06
Comparing the Japanese Constitutions: Monarchy Versus Democracy, Jack Gibbons, Columbus 16
Constitutional Rights, Kevin Barnhard, Columbus 17
Feudal Japan’s Power Structure, Matt Daugherty, Columbus 16
Imposing Democracy, Paul Chidester, Columbus 06
Introduction to Japanese Government, Pete Ewing, Columbus 04
Japan’s Constitution vs the United States’ Constitution, Doug Helsel, Columbus 17
Japan’s No War Clause, John Day, Columbus 16
Japanese/European Feudalism, Mat Dunham, Columbus 11
The Japanese Military Build-Up, Jeff Smith, Wooster 07
Mongol Scrolls & Bayeux Tapestry, Matthew Yingling, Columbus 11
Prime Minister and World War II Shrine, Craig Rush, Cincinnati 06
Tokugawa Major Class Groups, Jennifer McClure, Toledo 05
Trade Between the U.S. and Japan, Chad Flaig, Cincinnati 06

Buddhism in Japan, Mary Hughes Bachelor, Delaware 13
Introduction to Japanese Religions, Brendan Malone, Toledo 07
Japanese Religion, Dottie Worley, Toledo 05
Shinto, Lauren Glaros, Columbus 04
Zen Art & Teaching Resource, Mariko Barnes, Columbus 21
Zen Buddhism, Tom Molnar, Columbus 04
The Zen of Buddhism, Eric Sottosanti, Akron 08

Kamishibai Rock Cycle Story , Jeanne Snowball, Columbus 19
Unfolding the Secrets of DNA Origami, Jennifer Smith, Columbus 20