Lesson Plans on East Asia

East Asian Art & Cultural Elements, Tracy Wienhold, Cleveland 05
Temple Architecture, Erica Davis-Hernandez, Columbus 20

Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Numbers and Luck, Una King, Wooster 07
Comparing Mass Media, Joesph Miller III, Oberlin 10
Comparing Social Movements, Joesph Miller III, Oberlin 10
Comparing the Family System, Joesph Miller III, Oberlin 10
The Drama Art Forms of Noh, Bunraku, Kabuki, Takarazuka, Chinese Opera, and Pansori, Kathy Ward, Columbus 16
East Asian Philosophy: Reorganizing the Classroom, Greg Milo, Akron 08
Exploring the Asian Cultural Tradition Through Multimedia Art, Michael Hinze, Columbus 06
Meal Time: A Comparison of Traditional Meals from Different Cultures, Eric Sottosanti, Akron 08
The Olympic Dream, James Velo, Columbus 06
Tea Culture in Asia, Sammi Zhou, Columbus 19
Transportation in East Asia, James Velo, Columbus 06

East Asia Economic Miracles & Teaching Resource, Richard Englar, Columbus 21
Economic Profiles of East Asia, Samantha Davis, Columbus 17
Using Charts and Graphs to Study East Asia’s Modern Economy
Virginia Ressa, Columbus 06
Business Strategy with Asia: Outsourcing or Not?, Craig Rush, Cincinnati 06
My favorite leader in East Asia Economy, Qing Liang, Columbus 20

Comparing Data, Dan Vallette, Columbus 04
East Asia, Lori Nickel, Columbus 04
East Asia End of Unit: Comic Strip, Animation or Video & Attachment 1 & Attachment 2 & Teaching Resource, Diana Harbin, Columbus 21
East Asia and the World, Willard, Cincinnati 06
East Asian Societies and Attachment, Timothy Sebetich, Columbus 20
Hot beverages are a hot topic! Carah Casler, Columbus 19
Population Facts and Figures, James Velo, Columbus 06
Time Travel: China, Japan, & Korea, Anita Russ, Cleveland 05
Where in the World can I find a Healthy Diet?, Donna Shurr, Oberlin 10

Asian Country Projects, Telisha LeFloria, Akron 08
International Relations, Candee Hurt, Oberlin 10
Introduction to East Asia Geography and Contemporary Issues Investigation, Luke Sundermeier, Columbus 20
“Second Star to the Left and Straight on ‘Til Morning” – Spreadsheet Driven Exploration on Pacific Asian Geography, Scott Lightfoot, Toledo 05
Trade Between China, Korea, & Japan, Marcia Shaefer, Granville 09
Using Graphs to Compare Data, Charlee Raddish, Akron 08

1919 and the East Asian Disappointment, Greg Milo, Akron 08
Ancient Man in Asia, Nancy Clendenen, Columbus 04
Ancient Civilizations, Leslie Burnham, Toledo 07
The Asian Holocaust, Joy Vargas Painter, Wooster 07
Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Immigration to the U.S., Judy Szewczak, Toledo 05
Comfort Women, Joy Vargas Painter, Wooster 07
East Asia Medieval Trade by Linda Swarlis, Columbus 19
The Effects of World War II on Countries in Asia, Tammie Ray, Akron 08
Events Leading to WWII, Tamar Warkentien, Oberlin 10
Genocide and Propoganda, Jetta Ries Fete, Oberlin 10
Imperialism in the Far East, Sean Brennan, Cleveland 12

Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Language Basics, Una King, Wooster 07
Comparison of East Asian Written Languages, Tamar Warkentien, Oberlin 10
Language Builders, Kelsey Kerscher, Columbus 20

Asian Cinderella Tales, Nancy Clendenen, Columbus 04
Asian Literature #1, Ellen Miller and Natalie Mroz, Columbus 04
Asian Literature #2, Ellen Miller and Natalie Mroz, Columbus 04
Elements of Narration, Jetta Ries Fete, Oberlin 10
Folktales (African American, Chinese, Japanese, & Korean), Leslie Gilchrist Walker, Cleveland 05

Current Events in East Asia, Melissa Ryan, Wooster 07
The Legacy of Imperialism upon East Asian Governmental Structure, William Wyss, Columbus 20
Study of Basic Forms of Government using East Asia as the Model, Jenny Sage, Granville 09

Comparing Buddhism and Confucianism, Alaric Harris, Cincinnati 06
Comparing World Religions, Virginia Ressa, Columbus 06
Comparing World Religions, Laura Soltis, Columbus 04
East Asian Religion, Ling-Ling Shih, Columbus 19