Asian Society and COVID

Teaching and Talking about (Anti-Asian) Racism:

Jennifer Ho. (President, Association for Asian American Studies.) “Anti-Asian racism and COVID-19” (8 April 2020). (The outline contained on this web page offers an overview of a set of slides created by Ho and available in an open access slide deck, for use as templates for  K-12 educators who wish to address anti-Asian Racism)

How To Talk To Kids About Anti-Asian Racism, March 23, 20214:04 PM ET on All Things Considered

How To Start Conversations About Anti-Asian Racism With Your Family, March 24, 20217:38 PM ET on Code Switch Podcast.

Podcasts on Anti-Asian Racism and History

Asia In-Depth Podcast: “How You Can Help Stop Anti-Asian Racism.” Asia Society’s President and CEO Kevin Rudd talks with two members of the Asia 21 Young Leaders network.

Spread of Anti-Asian Racism and Xenophobia During COVID-19 Pandemic. February 15, 2021 on Ethics Talk Podcast. An audio version of a video interview conducted by the AMA Journal of Ethics‘ editor in chief, Dr Audiey Kao, with Dr Jennifer Ho, the Director for the Center of Humanities and the Arts and a Professor of Ethnic Studies at University of Colorado, Boulder.

“COVID-19 and Anti-Asian Racism in North America on the Record with Dr. Michael Jin (UIC) & Dr. Vivian Shaw (Harvard).” Japan on the Record. (17 April 2020). Scholars discuss the sharp increase in acts of discrimination, racism, and violence targeting Asian communities in North America as a result of COVID-19. Dr. Jin places this increase into the longer history of Anti-Asian xenophobia and violence in North America, and Dr. Shaw documents how Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities are responding.

Cory Turner and Seqoia Carrillo. “Coronavirus, Racism And Kindness: How NYC Middle-Schoolers Built A Winning Podcast” (June 17,2020).

Additional Resources and Information: 

Anti-racism: Resources for Research, Advocacy, & Activism. Library Guide from The Ohio State University Libraries:

Anti-Racism Resources: Black Lives Matter. Library Guide from The Ohio State University Libraries:

NCTAsia (UPitt) Resources for Teaching COVID-19: 

Teaching East Asia (TEA Program, at U Colorado, Boulder) Resources for Teaching COVID-19:

“Korea and the Corona Virus” Curated by The Korea Society. A collection of current programs showcasing content on Korea and the impact of the novel coronavirus, including videos, podcasts, publications, and more.

Bruce Y. Lee. “How COVID-19 Coronavirus Is Uncovering Anti-Asian Racism.” (18 February 2020).

Stop AAPI Hate Reporting Center. Offers multilingual links where all who have witnessed or experienced micro-aggressions, bullying, harassment, hate speech, or violence can help report and document these events.

Dion Lim. “‘Respond2Racism’: San Francisco group creates bot to fight online racism toward Asians,” San Francisco KGO.  (9 June 2020). This is a televised news report that describes a “new online tool, launched at the end of May [that] aims to not only track these incidents but to educate and empower others to speak up.”

The New York Times Article:

PBS Asian Americans Series (shown spring 2020–it’s awesome and relates to the history of much of what Prof. Davis spoke about!):

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