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Workshop in Computational Tools for Native MS

The NIH-funded Resource for Native Mass Spectrometry Guided Structural Biology presented a virtual three-day workshop on June 8-10, 2021.

Software tool developers presented their software tools with applications for native MS, top-down, collision cross sections, ion mobility, cross-linking, and more. The agenda included speaker presentations and breakout sessions for demonstrations.

Presenters and Session Chairs

  • Michael Marty/Marius Kostelic, University of Arizona (UniDec)
  • Ken Durbin (Proteinaceous)/Jack McGee (Kelleher group), Northwestern University (ProSight Native)
  • Christian Bleiholder, Florida State University (PSA)
  • Brandon Ruotolo, University of Michigan (CIUSuite)
  • Michal Sharon, Weizmann Institute (session chair)
  • Marshall Bern/Grace Zdeblick, Protein Metrics (Intact Mass)
  • Oliver Kohlbacher/Kyowon Jeong, Universität Tübingen (FlashDeconv)
  • Erik Marklund, Uppsala Universitet (IMPACT)
  • Perdita Barran, University of Manchester (ORIGAMI)
  • Rebecca Beveridge, University of Strathclyde (session chair)
  • Jim Prell, University of Oregon (iFAMS, Collidoscope)
  • Sean McIlwain, University of Wisconsin-Madison (MASH Explorer)
  • Steffen Lindert/Bargeen Turzo, The Ohio State University (MS-guided structural prediction with Rosetta)
  • Matteo Degiacomi, Durham Univerisity (EMnIM, DynamXL)
  • Ying Ge, University of Wisconsin-Madison (session chair)


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