Nathan Rauf – Resume  

My name is Nathan Rauf. I attended Colerain High School before studying Computer Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University. My interest in STEM piqued before high school, however. Living in a time where the evolution of technology has been so sudden and apparent, developing a love for computers was easy. Ever since I was young I have gravitated to them- yearning to understand how they ticked. Finally, I’ve entered college at The Ohio State University where a full understanding of computers – both hardware and software- can be taught to me.

While I look forward to pursuing an elevated knowledge of computers, I have worked to teach myself what I can. I’ve built and modified multiple computers and have designed primitive software. I also attended a Java programming camp at Ohio State during the summer after my junior year of high school.

Along with furthering my scientific education, I want to familiarize myself with the world. I have traveled around the United States and parts of Europe and have focused some of my studies on German language and culture. I would love to study abroad in Germany, a hotspot in the world of science, to analyze how engineering differs around the world. I look forward to absorbing different techniques to better my own.

I have also been interested in documenting the world through photography. You can find some of my photos here: Photo Blog

Through math, science and programming classes, I can truly develop the knowledge of technology I require to succeed in internships and flourish in my future career. In the mean time, being a part of Ohio State the STEM EE Scholars helps me to identify with peers who have similar interests in science and technology; those who also want to better the community through those mediums. Realizing the potential for both personal and communal growth causes me to be both excited and passionate for my future in STEM.