Its been a bit rough so far

This year has not been the kindest to turfgrass. Winter dragged on and on and on and then the blast furnace was turned on. As I type soil temperatures are above 80°F which means during the daytime it is a real bunch of fun for turfgrass roots. Venting and pencil tines will help but a cool down would do even more! To that end rain is on the way for northern Ohio – hopefully this will bring some respite and not boiling of canopies! Further to this reports are emerging of armyworm damage east of us and that is not a great sign as the damage can be prolific – be aware!

To help you look forward to the end of the dog days of summer I am letting you know the golf outing in aid of the scholarship fund at OSU ATI is coming up on September 20th and you can expect to see registration available within the next week. We look forward to your support once again and cannot wait to see you all there!

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