A visit to the Cleveland Browns and getting sportsturf exposure

This week ATI turfgrass students had the opportunity to visit the Cleveland Browns training facility to meet with head groundskeeper Chris Powell and assistant groundskeeper Russell Horn. The students saw how the facility is setup for the team both from the inside of the facility and also how the fields are managed both during the season and also educated on how the field management team runs the site when training camp is ongoing. Issues such as firmness, seed use, irrigation were discussed as well as how Chris who manages both the stadium and training facility creates a workflow that offers continuous quality at both sites.  The students also got to see how the team trains in certain patterns and the effect that this has on the turfgrass. Further to this, the field management component as far as changes from coaching staff to training regimes is something that has a big effect on a day to day basis. It was an excellent experience for the students and we are very grateful to the guys at the Browns for having us in.

img_4706 img_4712 img_4716

Pictures (L-R) ATI students outside the Cleveland Browns facility prior to entry, pre germination of seed to help recovery, Russell Horn shows students how to measure firmness prior to NFL games

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