Graduate Students
The Nakanishi lab is looking for highly motivated graduate students. We take multiple approaches, including biochemistry, molecular biology, and structural biology, to understand how microRNAs and Argonaute proteins regulate gene expression whose dysregulation causes neurodevelopmental diseases and cancers. For those interested in our research, please contact Dr. Nakanishi (nakanishi.9@osu.edu)!

Postdoctoral position
One NIH-funded postdoctoral position is available for structural and functional studies. The goal is to understand how small RNAs activate human Argonaute proteins differently. Candidates must have a solid publication record in structural biology, excellent communication skills, and a strong passion for scientific discovery.  Ideal applicants will have experience either in Structural Biology (e.g., recombinant protein purification, X-ray crystallography, Cryo-EM) or in RNA biology (e.g., in vitro RNA transcription, radiolabeling, in vitro assays).  Experiences in insect and/or mammalian cells are preferred. Exceptional resources are available to support the projects, including four AKTA systems and a high-throughput crystal auto imaging system in our lab as well as an X-ray diffractometer with a Pilatus detector at CCIC (we also remotely use beamtimes at Argonne National Laboratory) and a Krios G3i with a K3 detector at CEMAS. Candidates should submit 1) a one-page cover letter describing the applicant’s motivation and interest in our research, 2) CV, and 3) three references to Dr. Kotaro Nakanishi: nakanishi.9@osu.edu.

Technician position
Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, or Cell Biology. Ideal applicants will be able to work for a long period (at least 3 years).
Jobs: Cell maintenance, Cloning, Protein production (in mammalian cells, insect cells, and E. coli cells), Protein purification, and Recording the experimental work on the lab notebook.
Candidates should submit 1) a one-page cover letter describing the applicant’s motivation, and 2) CV to Dr. Kotaro Nakanishi: nakanishi.9@osu.edu.