11.2017 Our AGO3 paper is one of the 5 most-read papers of Nucleic Acids Research as of Nov. 10.

11.2017 Argonaute Proteins, Methods in Molecular Biology (Springer) edited by Kotaro Nakanishi with Dr. Katsutomo Okamura (Temasek Lifesciences Laboratory, Singapore)

10. 2017 For those interested in joining our research group, please visit the opportunity page!

10. 2017 Danny Dayeh is the recipient of an outstanding poster award at the Rustbelt RNA Meeting.

10. 2017 Mi Seul Park spoke our AGO3 work at the Rustbelt RNA Meeting.

10. 2017 Our work on human Argonaute3 is published in Nucleic Acids Research.

10. 2017 Mi Seul Park is the recipient of a Burrell Memorial Fund Travel Award.