Year in Review

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  • Global Awareness

To develop my global awareness, I plan doing some smaller study abroad sessions perhaps during the May semester or one of the breaks. I currently am studying Chinese in my coursework to better my understanding of the language and culture, and potentially plan on taking more courses than the GE requirements.

  • Original Inquiry

So far, I am involved in a psychology research lab where I gain experience and insight into how research works. I also am in JUROS, a club that reviews and publishes undergraduate research. Through this club, I gain knowledge of how to review academic papers, and this will help me be a better writer when I eventually will be writing my own papers. I plan on continuing to learn more about research by doing my undergraduate thesis.

  • Academic Enrichment

My planned curriculum consists of challenging courses, so I learn more about my major. I chose psychology because I find how people think and act fascinating. I also plan to take courses on a wide variety of topics outside of my major to fulfill my GE requirements so I can be a more well-rounded individual. My planned curriculum will help prepare me to graduate school, as well as gain experience in other areas.

  • Leadership Development

Outside of the classroom, I am involved in JUROS and my dorm. In JUROS, I currently am an editor, where I review articles submitted to the journal. I hope to apply for a committee position once the older members graduate, which will help me develop my leadership skills. In my dorm, I am the food manager, where I organize the food and help coordinate teams of dinner crews during the week. This helps me gain organizational skills as well as conflict management skills when dealing with residents. During the summer, I also work at a Girl Scout camp, where I go through training to become a better counselor. This training, and subsequent application of the training in real scenarios has, and will continue to help me hone my leadership skills.

  • Service Engagement

An ongoing service activity is working at the Girl Scout camp mentioned above. I have volunteered there many times in the past and plan on continuing my commitment. I also occasionally volunteer with my dad at the Bolsa Chica Conservatory, which aims to maintain a fragile ecosystem on the coast. The organization runs tours, fieldtrips, and cleanups to help raise awareness and care for the environment.


Ariel Nadratowski

220 W 11th Ave, Columbus OH 43210

1027 Acacia Dr. Placentia CA 92870




Ohio State University                                                 Undergrad

College of Arts and Sciences                                      Psychology (B.S.)


Valencia High School                                                 IB Diploma recipient

Weighted Academic GPA 4.31, unweighted 3.8

Marching and Concert Band (4 years)


Work Experience

  • Research Assistant at Aquatic Ecology Lab (current)
  • Counselor in Training at local Girl Scout camp (3 years)
  • Work Study with Pacific Symphony


Limited Research Experience

  • Mini 2400-word paper in IB History class on US interment of German aliens during WWII (as opposed to Japanese internment camps)
  • Extended Essay for IB (4000 words) on analyzing contemporary flute techniques in a specific avant-garde composer

Other Notable Positions/Activities

  • TEDx Speaker (junior year)
  • Band President (senior year)
  • Flute Section Leader (sophomore-senior years)
  • 1st Place at Summa Cum Laude Festival in Vienna, Austria with Pacific Symphony Youth Wind Ensemble (senior year)
  • National Honor Society (junior-senior years)

References available upon request


Wait. Is that a human brain?

My roomate’s face showed mild disgust when I told her that my neuroscience professor brought in a brain during class.

To me, however, it was fascinating. All of a person’s memories, experiences, emotions; held in my hands. This was the first time I had ever held a human brain, it felt sort of like a rite of passage, as someone aspiring to study psychology. Even the oddly smelling preservatives that the brain came dripping in didn’t dissuade my curiosity.

Having this experience was much more than just learning about the anatomy of the brain. Knowing that this convoluted mass of fat is responsible for our thoughts- that is a mind-blowing realization.



About Me

I graduated from Valencia High School, in Placentia, CA. As an undergrad at Ohio State, I hope to pursue a B.S. in Psychology, and perhaps add a few minors on the way. A lot of people ask me “why Ohio State?”, at which I sometimes jokingly reply that I want to experience seasons. Even though this answer is meant to just be playful banter, it does display a vital part of my personality. That is, I want to experience new things, new places, and new people. As an undergrad, I hope to fully explore the opportunities I will be offered to experience the world. I plan on studying abroad, to learn about other cultures and people.

Outside of school and academics, I try to take on a variety of different activities. Granted, this may be hard since I also have a job, but I manage to fit in some fun activities. I enjoy crafts, and anything I can make with my hands. I also enjoy playing some video games, which I probably got from my video game loving high school friends.

Overall, I have high hopes for this upcoming year. I look forward to seeing what college has in store for me!