Spring Break Review

This year’s spring break was largely uneventful; having been at work over the past few months, what I really wanted to do was rest. The day after I came home from OSU, I went to an Indian restaurant I had not been to in a while, Amma’s Kitchen, for lunch. Amma’s Kitchen has a lunch buffet, so I took small helpings of various Indian dishes. While my favorite Indian restaurant is Brij Mohan, I find Amma’s Kitchen’s food delicious as well. After lunch, I got my yearly haircut, a three-inch trim. For dinner, I had takeout from Brij Mohan. It was sarson ka saag, a curry made from mustard greens that I had never had before. I found its taste a bit unusual at first, but eventually I began to enjoy it. However, I did not enjoy getting sick the very next day! I believe that I either got food poisoning from the takeout or just came down with a stomach virus. I spent the rest of spring break recovering from my illness and soon enough, I felt ready to come back to OSU. I am looking forward to finishing up the last few weeks of this semester nicely!