Columbus To-Do List: Part 2

My second Columbus to-do list experience was at the Harvest Pizzeria. Despite the name, pizza is not the only thing on Harvest’s menu – in fact, I did not even order pizza when I went. The menu item that stood out to me the most that I felt like I had to order was the veggie burger. The veggie burger is made from mushrooms, walnuts, rice, carrots, peppers, and sweet potatoes. It is served on a bun with Dijon aioli, pickles, lettuce, onions, and cheese with a side of fried potatoes and ketchup. I can definitely say that my order was absolutely delicious. The aioli made the burger taste perfect; I did notice that the burger was a bit dry without it. The potatoes were amazing as well; while they were a bit extra salty, the ketchup balanced that out. The only real complaint I would make is that the burger was very hard to not eat messily – it fell apart quite easily! Overall, I greatly enjoyed my experience at Harvest and would go back to try some of their other menu items. I would also recommend it to anyone who happens to be in Columbus.

As I loved eating at both Lavash and Harvest, it is hard to say which experience I enjoyed more. I will say that I preferred Harvest’s atmosphere – it was cute and fancy inside and the music consisted of quality old songs. However, Lavash and Harvest both have great food items that everyone should try at some point. Both places are a bit pricey, but the food is certainly worth it! From these experiences, I have learned about two delicious new dining locations, one of which is also in my hometown, Cincinnati. They have definitely encouraged me to explore Columbus some more and find other interesting places, both for eating and for other enjoyable things. For anyone else who wants to explore Columbus, I would recommend trying both things you think you would enjoy and things you might be unfamiliar with. It’s great to do what you know you like, but you won’t know what you’re missing out on if you never try anything new!

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