The Columbus to-do list I chose for this semester is Local Food Favorites. I am definitely looking forward to enjoying some of the best food Columbus has to offer! From this assignment, I hope to be able to have some enjoyable experiences in the city I am currently staying in outside of those on campus.

An experience I have had so far is a trip to the Lavash Cafe. It was quite the experience! Because Lavash is on High Street, I thought it would be easy to get to – I could just get on a COTA and get down at the stop closest to the cafe. Unfortunately I thought wrong. The COTA I got on did go down High Street for quite some time, and I constantly watched the door numbers on the buildings for the best stop to get off at. Then the COTA unexpectedly turned into another street, and as a result I received a surprise tour of Columbus. After the bus drove all over the city, it finally stopped at the COTA station. At that point I asked the driver if she would be going back to High Street, and thankfully she said yes. She drove back on the exact same route she had taken to the station, and finally I was at the last stop on High Street before the turn. I got down and walked the rest of the way to Lavash, deciding that I was too hungry to stand around waiting for another COTA to drive me there. What I can say about my meal at Lavash was that it was 100% worth the wait after getting lost in Columbus! I ordered the Lavash combo – hummus, tabouleh, falafel, and stuffed grape leaves – and it was some of the best Mediterranean food I have ever had. The staff there were all very friendly, and I especially appreciated one of the servers placing pita bread (not listed in the menu description of my order) by my plate while I got up to get utensils. Even though my order was a bit expensive, the quality of the food was so good that I would definitely go back to Lavash and try some of their other menu items. I would also recommend the Lavash Cafe to anyone who happens to be in Columbus!

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