My current career path is to become someone who helps endangered species. I have chosen this path because I have been passionate about animals and nature since I was very young and I would love to help animals and improve the environment. After searching for job postings relating to helping endangered species, I found that one must have prior experience with wildlife to receive such jobs. Therefore it makes sense for me to get an internship that involves helping wild animals. I searched for internships at the Wilds, an animal sanctuary I like very much, and found three apprenticeships that all seemed very interesting. The one that interested me the most was the wildlife ecology apprenticeship. It involves monitoring wildlife populations and implementing ways to help them. I will need to be a second year student and obtain my driver’s license before applying for this internship, but it seems like it will provide valuable experience for my future career. I would also like to join the Fish and Wildlife Society as it is the local chapter of an organization dedicated to helping wildlife that I could be involved with professionally in the future. Alternative career paths I could pursue would be research or specializing in studying a specific group of animals. To prepare for these alternate paths, I could participate in undergraduate research so that I know what professional research is like. My next steps now are to get the needed experience for the internship I currently want to apply for or find alternate internships to pursue and to look for research opportunities related to my career path on campus.

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