11 Tips To Deal With A Toxic Dissertation Supervisor

Students are highly dependent on their dissertation supervisors for advice and support but this relationship can turn out to be a nightmare if your supervisor is toxic. Since the whole research is based on the contributions of a student and the supervisor, a failing on part of the supervisor can cost the student their time and whole research work. 

Not only is a supervisor expected to guide you with the research process, but also to help you grow professionally and academically. However, if, God forbid, anyone comes across a supervisor who has qualities similar to the one listed one, these are the tips to deal with them and land yourself in a better place:

1. Don’t Discuss Your Goals

If you have to deal with your overbearing supervisor, the best you can do to save yourself is to never tell them about your goals and aspirations, especially if it has nothing to do with them in it. It can cause you to land in hot waters. They would never approve and appreciate you moving away from your current line. They would use this as a means to target you so better safe than sorry. Nevertheless, acquiring a dissertation help from a top-notch company is a very wise decision. They craft in a highly systematic order to provide the best dissertation writing help service to students. No matter your subject, the massive team of different subject writers will help you get the grades you desire.

2. Do Your Part

Do not leave any stone unturned and do your part. This will not let you become a target and others will also notice your dedication to your thesis.

3. Start Doing Something On Your Own

Supervisors are seen as people who will help you get ahead in life and get good jobs later. However, if you are not at good terms with your supervisor, this does not mean that you cannot do anything on your own. 

You have to stand up for yourself, gain exposure and insight into how the practical world works. For that matter, you can do part-time jobs and earn well. Students often avoid doing anything apart of their research work, which is unfair. You do not have to take your supervisor’s permission all the time!

4. Get Yourself A Job

There is no harm in getting yourself hired before you earn your degree. You can just be honest with your employers and tell them about the status of your dissertation work. Though your supervisor would not like this, after all you have to make something of your life.

5. Do not Talk Back

Even if are no not-so-good terms with your supervisor, make sure not to talk back with them since this will cause you even more trouble. Do not let the negativity get the best of you. Instead, try to extend your support to all those who are affected by your toxic supervisor.

6. Focus on Your Strengths

Constant bullying and nagging from your supervisor can cause you severe stress and anxiety. Your supervisor might point out your weaknesses use them against you to bully you. To keep yourself going and to stay on track, focus on your strengths and make sure to use them in order to empower yourself. This will help you to keep out of the negativity and focus on the positive things in life.

7. Know the Facts Right

Academic institutions usually have their handbooks that are to be followed by supervisors and students so that the institution keeps working trouble-free and smoothly. When things start to turn out unfavorable between you and your supervisor, you should always know who to contact. Moreover, these handbooks also contain the requirements that are expected from a student as well as a supervisor. For example, a supervisor is expected to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for his students- an absence of which can be reported by the student.

8. Keep A Record For Your Ease

Things that are communicated between you and your supervisor should always be saved with you. Since the air between you both is not-so-good, you should keep a record in case things get out of control. Document everything so that if you want you can show them as a reference to your Head of Department.

9. Stay Motivated

If your supervisor is not very much helpful to you, you can keep in touch and take help from other professors or your co-postgrads. Do not let this put you down and divert from your thesis completion.

10. Expand Your Circle

You must never isolate yourself with a book in a corner. You should try o expand your network by getting in touch with people by attending seminars and workshops so that you get to know more people.

When you are already having a tough time with your supervisor, you might as well want to build a wall around you and cut off from the people around you. But no! You should never let that happen especially when things are not already good between you two. This will give him/her more power against you. Talk to people, let them know what happens with you, and do not let your toxic supervisor get by so easily.

11. Don’t Overwork Yourself

If your supervisor treats you like a useless thing, mind it, nothing you do can make him/her look any better of you. You may want to work much harder to make sure he/she approves you, but he/she won’t! You will only end up getting exhausted. 

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