Panel Sessions

Panel Schedule

Panel Session 1: Saturday, April 17, 10:00AM – 11:30AM EDT

Panel Session 1A

From Earth to Empire: Materiality in Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union

Chair: Dr. Nicholas Breyfogle, Ohio State University

  • “The Stones of Leningrad: Granite, Tarmac, and Appropriation of Space in Revolutionary Petersburg”, Markus Lahteenmaki, ETH Zurich, graduate student
  • “A Metropolis of Metal: Ekaterinburg and the Rise of Urban Russia”, Michael Corsi, Ohio State University, graduate student
  • “Middlemen and Capitalists: ‘Reviving’ the Handicraft Carpet Industry in the 1890s and 1930s”, Sohee Ryuk, Columbia University, graduate student
  • “Without Toil There is No Treasure: Environment and Labor in Soviet Tajikistan”, Nicholas Seay, Ohio State University, graduate student

Panel Session 1B

Traveling as Bridging National and Gender Perspectives

Chair: Dr. Jessie Labov, McDaniel College

  • “‘Seven Seas and Three Oceans’ — Experience of the Self and the Other in Travelogues by Serbian Writer Jelena Dimitrijevic (1862-1945)”, Biljana Dojcinovic, University of Belgrade, faculty
  • “Polish Womens Writers Traveling Abroad as Diplomats (Casimire Illakowiczowna) and as Associated Writers (Zofia Nalkowska) during the Interwar Period”, Lucyna Marzec, Adam Mickiewicz University, faculty
  • “Affected by the Experience of Otherness: Wilhelm Mach’s Non-heterosexual India Travelogue”, Adriana Kovacheva, Adam Mickiewicz University, faculty

Panel Session 2: Saturday, April 17, 12:00PM – 1:30PM EDT

Panel Session 2A

Book Panel: The FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia

Chair: Dr. Richard Arnold, Muskingum University

  • Coulter McDermott, Muskingum University, undergraduate student
  • Brooke Piazza, Muskingum University, undergraduate student
  • Alexandria Lee, Muskingum University, undergraduate student
  • Ryan Cochenour, Muskingum University, undergraduate student

Panel Session 2B

Moral Tensions and Deprivations in Slavic Cinema

Chair: Randall Rowe, Ohio State University, graduate student

  • “Ivan Paliychuk, Lamb of God: Christian Imagery in Sergei Parajanov’s Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors“, Rachel Hutchison, Ohio State University, graduate student
  • Come and See: An Accurate Yet Exaggerated Portrayal”, Philip Kopatz, Ohio State University, graduate student
  • “Polish Nationhood and the Male: Film Revealing Change and Continuation”, Joseph Ernst, Ohio State University, graduate student

Panel Session 3: Saturday, April 17, 2:00PM – 3:30PM EDT

Panel Session 3

Engineering, Space, and Russian

Chair: Dr. Andrei Cretu, Ohio State University

  • “Per Aspera ad Astra: Russian for Rockets”, Olga Lyanda-Geller, Purdue University, faculty
  • “The Importance of Translating Tsiolkovsky and Experience Translating”, Michael Pilipchuk, Purdue University, undergraduate student
  • “Linguistic Trajectories: Tracking Spaceflight-Driven Changes in Russian and English Lexica”, Geoffrey Andrews, Purdue University, graduate student
  • “Translating Russian Airplanes Using a Common Language: Engineering”, Justin Mansell, Purdue University, faculty

Panel Session 4: Saturday, April 17, 4:00PM – 5:30PM EDT

Panel Session 4

Sight and Sound in Slavic Culture

Chair: Dr. Philip Gleissner, Ohio State University

  • “The Multiple Roles of Music in Pawlikowski’s Ida“, Sofia Bachman, Ohio State University, graduate student
  • “The Woman Question in Opera: Dargomyzhsky’s Stone Guest, Alexander Burry, Ohio State University, faculty
  • “She Animates Her: Subversive Tactics in Constructing Female Subjectivity by Czech Women Animators”, Aleksandra Shubina, Ohio State University, graduate student
  • “Visual Horror in Minor and Major Keys: Current Polish Art”, Helena Goscilo, Ohio State University, faculty