“History is too important to leave to the historians”

Surprising to read this quote, in Russian, in the middle of a paper in our MWS linguistics panel. But what a fascinating idea. Here it applies to E. L. Doctorow’s novel Ragtime and the process of publishing its translation in the Soviet journalĀ Inostrannaia literatura. How do we understand linguistic phenomena and contexts as we move from one language to another? Excellent question. Translation strategies of media are also addressed in one of our individual papers. Would love to see these two scholars in conversation on the blog or in the Zoom rooms next week.

One thought on ““History is too important to leave to the historians”

  1. Today on Instagram, the Meduza newsfeed featured an amazing celebration of the Day of the Cosmonaut (https://www.instagram.com/p/CNkfDn6BDqx/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link). Hope this link will come through! I’ve been paying a lot more attention lately to Meduza — and those who are interested in the presentation of Russian political life on Meduza should check out Ekaterina Tikhonyuk’s presentation available on the Individual Papers page.

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