New Details on Keynote and Plenary

We are excited to announce details for the keynote and plenary for the 2021 conference! The theme of the keynote and plenary will be “happiness”. Professor Yvonne Howell will discuss her forthcoming book, a translation of Alex Dubas’s Moments of Happiness. Professors Hannah Chapman, Smoki Musaraj, and Karen Petrone will then discuss happiness or the pursuit of it based up on their own research and disciplinary fields.

Serhii Plokhi speaking

2016 MWSC Keynote

Please check out the Special Events page for more details.

4 thoughts on “New Details on Keynote and Plenary

  1. The addition of new details to the Keynote and Plenary sessions is truly exciting! It enhances the depth of knowledge sharing and fosters meaningful discussions. Moreover, the introduction of the pearl vector injects innovation, promising a dynamic and engaging experience. Kudos to the team for continually raising the bar and making these events even more enriching and valuable.

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