The 2019 Midwest Dynamical Systems Early Career Conference will take place at The Ohio State University from May 8th-9th. The full schedule can be found here: Schedule. There will also be a poster session, for which we encourage all that are interested to contribute.


The list of speakers includes:

Meagan Carney (University of Houston)

Alena Erchenko (The Ohio State University)

Zhiqiang Li (Stony Brook University)

Myrto Mavraki (Northwestern University)

Noelle Sawyer (Wesleyan University)

with a plenary talk by

Ralf Spatzier (University of Michigan)


For more information, please send an email to the organizers at mwdsecc@gmail.com

Organizers: Ben Call, Ivan Chio, Osama Khalil, Roland Roeder, and Dan Thompson

The conference is supported by the NSF and the Ohio State University MRI. There are funds available for participant support, which will be allocated in keeping with NSF guideline – students, recent PhDs, underrepresented groups, and people with no other federal support get priority. Requests for support received by April 8th will receive a response by April 15th (and after that point, funds will be allocated on a rolling basis, pending availability of funds).

To join the MWDS mail-list, and to see past MWDS conferences, please visit http://sites.math.northwestern.edu/mwds/.