eera logoIn an effort to offer specialized training to meet the needs of volunteers in this region, local 4-H educators work as a team to design, implement, and evaluate the Maumee Valley EERA volunteer training opportunities. The geographical outlay of the counties in the Maumee Valley is conducive to offering two planned volunteer trainings on an annual basis.  Empowering, updating and sharing ideas are important to the success of all 4-H programs. These actions have proven to be a key in the success of the eleven 4-H programs in the Maumee Valley EERA. It is essential to the success of our volunteers to have learning opportunities to gain insight in working with today’s  ever changing youth.


  1. To provide education in the areas of 4-H Program Management, Educational Design & Delivery, Positive Youth Development, Charting Success with Traits of Good Character.
  2. To provide an opportunity for new advisors to learn about their first year journey into 4-H as a volunteer.
  3. To continue promotion of the EERA concept to current volunteers while educating new volunteers as to the benefits of the collaborative efforts of the 4-H professions in the EERA.
  4.  To provide at least one concrete tool to utilize in the management of a club.


Maumee Valley Regional 4-H Advisor Training is funded with a grant through The Ohio 4-H Foundation.