STEM Activities at the Fair

Be sure to stop by the 3 Gables Building at the Fair on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11a-1p to participate in STEM Challenges and visit with Trevor! We will have the AgBots and other activities available each day! Thanks to Muskingum County Farm Bureau for partnering on this activity!

4-H Scavenger Hunt

New this year at the fair there will be a 4-H Scavenger Hunt for all youth 18 and under.


Youth will find educational displays throughout the fairgrounds which tell about various aspects of Muskingum County 4-H or the project areas. Youth will just need to complete the form hanging under the displays and return the completed form to the Junior Fair Office. Completed scavenger hunts will be rewarded with an ice cream coupon sponsored by the Muskingum County Dairy Promoters.


Invite all your friends, this opportunity is open to all youth! Thank you to the Muskingum County Farm Bureau for their support in this project!

Summer STEM Opportunities

Whether it has been designing submarines to study sea horses or building cost efficient and safe animal handling facilities day campers at the Muskingum Family Y have been working hard each Tuesday in July to solve STEM challenges. STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. Each week campers have been engaged in diverse challenges that taught important skills such as critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. Each week presents a whole new challenge but as you can see from the photos it has been a lot of fun. We are looking forward to the next sessions on harvesting grains and designing tractor seats.


Note from the New 4-H Educator

Hello everyone and thank you for such a warm welcome to the 4-H program in this new role! It has been a great month so far meeting lots of new people and putting names to faces! Please don’t hesitate to stop and talk with me or send me an email at , I’d love to hear about your role in our existing programs and talk about opportunities to continue to grow Muskingum County 4-H.

My role as Non-Traditional 4-H educator is an exciting opportunity. I will be giving leadership to a few existing programs such as Real Money Real World and CARTEENS but will also be looking to expand our reach to include more workforce development programs as well as STEM programming. Jamie and I are currently working with the Muskingum County Farm Bureau and the Muskingum County Dairy Promoters to create a Scavenger Hunt at the fair. Informational posters will be hanging in most of the barns so make sure you complete the activity to earn your prize. I am currently working on a County Government Day which will be a great opportunity for Muskingum County Youth to get a glimpse at what it is like to work in public service, details will be coming soon!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and I look forward to seeing everyone at the Muskingum County Fair. Good luck and make some memories!