Memorial Day Service Project at Woodlawn Cemetery

The Zanesville FamilySearch Center (3300 Kearns Drive, Zanesville) has a fun service project scheduled for Saturday, May 27th (Memorial Day Weekend) specific to Family History.  This will be a service project that can include all members of the community (young, old, ambulatory, not-so-ambulatory, computer-savvy, not-so-computer-savvy, etc.).  The service project is open to Zanesville as well as surrounding communities.  More details will be forthcoming in the coming weeks but here it is in a nutshell:

Name:  “Help Find A Family” Service Project

Date:  Saturday, May 27, 9am-3pm (2 hour shifts)

Place:  Woodlawn Cemetery, Zanesville

What:  Assist in completing the documentation of Woodlawn Cemetery for genealogy researchers using technology.


  • Cleaning of grave markers (primary age children on up).
  • Take photographs of the grave markers using the BillionGraves app (iPhones or Android only).  The photos would then be uploaded to for transcription.
  • Transcribing the names and dates and other grave marker information on
  • Connecting the individuals and families to through website.

If interested in participating in this Service Project, please use the contact information below:

Dan Bravard, Zanesville FamilySearch Center (formerly called Family History Center)


Phone:  614.361.5895