IMPORTANT: Ohio Youth Livestock Exhibition Rules

The Ohio Department of Agriculture has released a new document entitled “Ohio Youth Livestock Exhibition Rules”. They are a requirement starting with the 2023 year for all Junior Fair exhibitions. Many of these rules were already in place, simply hard to find at times because they were in different places. More information is available on the Junior Fair page of our website.

These rules apply to the following species: beef, dairy, goat, llamas/alpacas, poultry, rabbit, sheep and swine. They DO NOT apply to horses. Horse exhibitors should refer to the Uniform Rules for 4-H Horse Shows and the Muskingum County Fair Book for ownership, care and leasing information.

Specifically, this document outlines ownership and leasing requirements for animals that will be listed in the Muskingum County Fair Book starting this year. Youth with projects in the listed species are encouraged to review these guidelines, available on our website: Ohio Youth Livestock Exhibition Rules.

NEW THIS YEAR: Youth leasing breeding or dairy livestock will be required to submit a copy of their lease agreement with their Fair Entry registration, due June 30.

Sample lease agreements are available on our website:

Breeding Animal Lease

Dairy Animal Lease

Important ownership note for youth exhibiting pack and harness goats! Under these rules, youth CANNOT use the same goat for more than one 4-H project. This means that youth CANNOT show a goat in a market/breeding/dairy pygmy class and show the same goat in a pack or harness class. This also means that youth CANNOT show the same goat in a pack class and a harness class.