Cross County Lines Request – Submit by March 15

Youth are expected to affiliate with the 4-H program in their county of residence or receive approval for membership outside their county of residence.

4-H Membership Across County Lines Request – The request form must be completed by any youth requesting 4-H membership in Muskingum County when their primary residence is located in another county. Once granted, the permission for membership across county lines shall be permanent and stable for the duration of the youth’s 4-H membership. This means the youth does not need to apply each year. It also means that once granted, they cannot change counties unless circumstances change. If the youth’s circumstances change (e.g., residence, school, or custody), the cross county lines membership can be reevaluated.

Be sure to review the policy, as there are specific reasons a request can be approved and specific reasons it cannot be: 4-H Membership Across County Lines Policy. Find the request form online: It is strongly recommended this form is submitted by March 15.