2021 4-H Speaking Contests Pulse Survey

The Speaking Contests (Health & Safety and Demonstrations & Illustrated Talks) are currently scheduled for June 23 at the Veteran’s Building at the Muskingum County Fairgrounds.
In order to determine how to move forward with planning based on current COVID-19 guidelines, we are asking families who might participate in the contest to give us feedback on the potential format. We do not know the status of Area and State contests at this time.

SPEAKING CONTESTS – Each youth receives a $10 Walmart gift card, sponsored by the 4-H Committee for participating in a contest. Deadline to register and contest takes place in June. Details posted when available: muskingum.osu.edu/judging.

  • Health & Safety Contest – Youth can select a topic of human health or safety that affects family living, whether it is in the home, on the farm, on the highway, or in public places. Divisions are: Junior (ages 8-13, Senior (ages 14-18), and Team/Skit. Youth may be selected as a County Winner and have the opportunity to compete at the Area Contest.
  • Demonstrations & Illustrated Talks Contest – Youth can do a demonstration/illustrated talk on a topic of their choice. Divisions are Junior Individual/Team (ages 8-10), Intermediate Individual/Team (ages 11-3), Senior Individual (ages 14-18). Junior Divisions are without the use of computer technology, Intermediate and Senior Divisions can be with/or without technology. Youth may be selected for the Ohio State Fair.

Complete the Pulse Survey by May 7.