2020 Muskingum County 4-H Shooting Sports – New Archery Program


To provide a means for 4-H youth ages 9 years to 18 years to meet the requirements set forth by 4-H Project Book #751 – Archery.

Youth Outcomes

9-13 year old members (youth must be 9 years old as of January 1 to enroll in project)

  1. Youth development through safe and responsible use of archery equipment.
  • Learn safety rules and become familiar with archery range safety and procedures.
  1. Identify archery goals and objectives.
  • Learn parts of the bow and arrow.
  • Become successful in executing shooting techniques.
  1. Take part in learning experiences, service learning and leadership activities.

14-18 year old members

  1. Same as 9-13 year old members.
  2. Become a Junior Leader to assist Range Officer with the younger members – be a mentor.

How do I sign up?

Youth must enroll in 751 Archery Project in 4HOnline by March 15. Enrollment is limited to the first 20 youth.

Project Completion Requirements

Each member must participate in 6 shoots, which will take place at the Muskingum County Fairgrounds. Only 10 youth can shoot at one time; therefore, one hour groups will be utilized to accommodate 20 youth this year. Enrolled youth will be contacted with more details.

Shoot Dates:

April 15 – Mandatory first shoot

April 29

May 6 and 20

June 3 and 17

June 20 – Family Fun Shoot

July 1

Project Judging

Projects must be judged at Early Judging on June 23 or July 1 (by appointment) or Still Project Judging on July 8. Members must bring completed project book and an educational display. Refer to pages 5, 11-12 and 17 of the Muskingum County 4-H Owner’s Manual for details.

Equipment Needs

Equipment and safety gear will be provided, but must be shared by those in need. Expect to take turns. Archers may bring their own equipment. Clothing must be of good fit; baggy clothing is not permitted. Closed toe shoes must be worn.  Items recommended: Arm guard, finger protectors, eye protection, Genesis recurve or compound bow (maximum draw weight 60 pounds).

Contact Information

Kevin Wagner                              

4-H Volunteer Archery Instructor