Junior Fair Poultry Updates

These rules will appear in the 2019 Muskingum County Fair Book when printed.

Rule Clarification for Market Chickens

Market Broiler/Roaster Rule #4: The required weights at check-in: Broiler Class: 8-14 pounds per pen; Roaster Class: 14.1-20 pounds per pen. Minimum weight per pen weight to qualify for sale is 8 pounds. Maximum pen weight to qualify for sale is 20 pounds. There will be NO rounding. Pens that do not meet the minimum or maximum required weight will not be eligible for grand or reserve grand champion and will not be allowed to sell in the auction. They will be shown for grade only.

Pullorum Testing Requirement for 2019

Due to the fact that there is no S. pullorum antigen available for testing, Ohio is waiving the S. pullorum testing requirement for the 2019 fair season. Youth who purchase market birds will still need to provide the bill of sale from a Pullorum-free flock.