4-H Educator Life: Camp Counselor Workshop

I’m feeling tired…but it’s that wonderful, “I just got home from 4-H Camp” kind of tired. If you don’t know it already, 4-H Camp Ohio is one of my favorite places! It is a place that holds memories for me from every stage of my 4-H career – from a 4-H camper, to being a counselor, to serving as our Junior Camp director for the last several years. It’s a place where connections are made and lifelong friendships are formed. And it is one of the greatest joys of my career to make it a special place for our 4-H members and volunteers.

Each year, 4-H professionals from the 14 counties that camp at 4-H Camp Ohio come together to plan Camp Counselor Workshop, an overnight event designed to provide onsite training to our camp counselors. I have the privilege of working with some very passionate and committed 4-H professionals whom I admire as colleagues and value as friends. Spending time with them makes me a better educator and is always rejuvenating.

In Muskingum County, first year counselors are required to attend this event (pictured below with me and camp volunteer Kevin Wagner). I can’t wait to hear about the new things everyone learned!

It was fun for me to co-teach with two of my closest friends. Friday night, it was two sessions called “Rainy Day Games & Cabin Kits” with Marion County 4-H Educator Margo Long. This morning, Jessica Rockey (Perry County) and I taught “Community Service at Camp” – in four sessions, we met with all attendees of the event to promote doing service projects during camp. It never ceases to amaze me – 4-H teens come up with some great ideas! They also helped us create a stack of thank you cards that can be sent to 4-H Camp Ohio supporters.


Earlier this year, I was honored to be elected President of the 4-H Camp Ohio Board of Trustees. I work with a great group of professionals and volunteers who Make the Best Better at camp. Today, I had to opportunity to represent that group and present the Friend of 4-H Camp Ohio Award to retired 4-H Educator and long-time camp supporter John Fark of Marion County. Congratulations John!

Feeling blessed and excited that Junior Camp is less than two months away!

Yours in 4-H,