4-H Educator Life: Ohio 4-H Conference & Plowboy Prom

As I type this post, I’m sitting with a group of 4-H parents, as well as Junior Leaders Advisors James & Susan McDonald, at Ohio State Collegiate 4-H’s annual Plowboy Prom. Attending Plowboy Prom has been a tradition for Junior Leaders for many years – I’d guess many who read this will have fond memories of this event. I enjoy sitting back and watching our teens have fun line dancing, square dancing and getting to know each other a little better, while sharing conversation with the adults. Every once in a while, you will catch me on the dance floor!

Between this and attending the Ohio 4-H Conference today, it’s been a day full of my favorite things about this job – enjoying my 4-H family, from our youth and volunteers, to colleagues and friends from around Ohio. I also love sharing what’s happening in Muskingum County.

At the conference, I had the opportunity to teach a session called “Grow 4-H in Your County” with a colleague I greatly admire. Jessica Rockey (4-H Educator in Perry County) and I shared ideas for promoting 4-H, including our 4-H Kick-Off events.

Then one of my career goals came true – I wanted to do a presentation at the Ohio 4-H Conference with some of our youth. I worked with Camp Counselors Keirsten Jackson and Samantha Mozena to create a presentation on our Campbassador program and everything we have done to promote camp the last couple years. I had the opportunity to present with them twice today to groups of about 20 counselors and adult volunteers from all over Ohio. It was so cool to see these two outstanding teen leaders exude confidence and enthusiasm as they shared about our camping program! One volunteer from Coshocton County told me it was the best session she attended all day and they can’t wait to implement a similar program there.

Until next time,