Dude, Be Nice! Kindness Day @ Roseville Elementary School

You just never know where you might find your county 4-H Educators!

On Tuesday, December 19, I had the privilege of participating in Roseville Elementary’s first “Kindness Day.” Teachers and members of the community from organizations like the Muskingum County Animal Shelter, Muskingum County Library System and Philo Athletic staff came together to teach students how to be nice to others!

I worked with 5 groups of students in grades 3-6 – they learned the definition of a compliment and practiced complimenting their classmates. Compliments started out as things we could easily see – “I like your shoes” and “cool hair cut” to those things that are harder to see – “you have a big heart” and “I like how you are always nice to people.” They also realized the importance of saying “thank you!” with sincerity when a compliment is received.

I made sure to let all the students I met know that there is a 4-H Club – Flying R – that meets right at Roseville Elementary. I hope they get a few new members from my time there!

Compliment Circle with 5th graders at RES.