Muskingum Youth Horticulture Education Project Application

The Muskingum County Master Gardener Volunteer Program is offering a spring project for teachers or youth leaders with an interest in horticulture.  This year (2023), teachers and youth leaders in Muskingum County may apply for a seed starting kit by completing the attached application. We expect that they will be used in conjunction with instruction about seed germination, pollination, and growing food as appropriate.

Twenty kits will be available. If more applications than that are received by the deadline of February 24, 2023, awards will be made in order of date submitted. Kits include labels, growing media, seeds, and three 24-cell self-watering seed starting tray systems.  We hope these can aid in in providing an enjoyable experience for you in your classroom.

The application is available here:

The application is very similar to last year, with an added question about the need for supplemental lighting.  We may have the opportunity to loan some light resources for some projects, but not all, so if you believe that would be helpful please indicate as appropriate in your application.