Soil Sample Testing Resources Still Available

Soil Test for Farm, Lawn, and Garden

One of many services OSU Extension offers in Muskingum County is easy access to soil testing resources.  Our soil test program is based on the resources provided by the Penn State Agricultural Analytical Services Lab, University Park, Pennsylvania. As a part of our service, we provide assistance interpreting results of your soil test.

For years, this service was offered by provided soil testing kits to customers who came into the office.  Today, the current social circumstances put us in a temporary office closure.  What can we do in the meantime? The steps and links below will provide you with the same basic resources.  Be sure to read and follow directions on the sample submission forms closely.

Steps to Follow:

1. Collect Sample(s)

Basic Instructions for Collecting Soil Samples (PSU Extension)

2. Fill out submission form.

These submission forms are pre-filled with an address block so that a copy of the results will automatically be sent to the Muskingum County Extension Office and a copy will be delivered to the address you provide.

Submission Form for Agronomic Crops (individual sample)

Submission Form for Agronomic Crops (multiple samples)

Submission Form for Home Garden, Fruit, Tree, Landscape, Turf, Lawn

3.  Mail sample (Be sure to include payment for the soil sample.)

4. Interpret Results.

If you have questions about your sample results, you may contact the Muskingum County Extension Office at or 740-454-0144.


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