PhD Openings

There are opening for PhD students. Students with strong background in electronic circuits fundamentals, signals and system and digital signal processing should send CV to Prof. Musah. Some circuit design experience a plus.

One thought on “PhD Openings

  1. Dear Professor Musah,

    My name is Sungmin Han, an international Direct Ph.D. applicant from Korea.

    Excuse me for contacting you with this comment, as I was unable to contact you via email though I sent two email letters to you.

    Recently, I found out that I got admitted to the doctoral program, thus I send you this message to ask you whether you have plans to admit doctoral students this fall. If so, is it possible to have a short conversation with you regarding my aspiration to join your lab and my academic interest towards high-speed designs? My academic CV and all the personal information about me are listed on the email that I had sent on March 26th, 2024.

    Thank you for your patience and your time.


    Sungmin Han.

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