How’s College Going Liv?

Welcome week has officially ended as of Monday, and let me tell you Monday was rough. Maybe it was because that one cycling class killed me Sunday night or maybe it was because I slept through my 8am…grreeaattt. (Note to reader: I now have three alarms set for morning so we should be good now.) My classes are very different then what I had expected going in. I figured college means the professors are very hands off but I’ve never had teachers so involved as they are in Biology and Chemistry. OSU is a massive university, I never would have thought the professors would be able to reach out to all of us so efficiently, but they reply to every email and answer every question.(Which means there’s absolutely no reason why you couldn’t turn your assignment in on time, you little procrastinator). Yesterday I worked 8am to 12am on school but today I spent three hours painting a mug and watching Game of Thrones so you could say I’m still working on the time management thing. I guess over all it really hasn’t hit me that I’ll be spending the next four years on this campus, right now it still just feels like an extremely fun camp with really good food. I’m getting there though don’t you worry to much. Little do you know you’re currently reading the words of a future genius.
I’ll keep in touch, but for now
Peace out,
Olivia Mullen

Year in Review

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Global Awareness: Students cultivate and develop their appreciation for diversity and each individual’s unique differences. For example, consider course work, study abroad, involvement in cultural organizations or activities, etc .
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About Me


               You can usually find Olivia Mullen somewhere on a park bench as displayed above, starting in the 2017 school year however you’ll find her at the Ohio State University. Excited to take on the challenges of her neuroscience major and the challenges of getting around this huge campus, she looks forward to her next four years. Liv spends her time transforming her Spotify account into an art form and when she isn’t she’s highlighting and circling and underlining a book by the pool. Liv is a recent graduate from the Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, Mother of Mercy High School, in Cincinnati, Ohio. There, she positioned herself as a leader and a role model to her classmates. As the countdown to move in day continues to shorten she becomes more ready to do the same at OSU.


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