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FIRST SEMESTER IS OVER, just kidding finals are in a week and I’m crying. This semester included yoga and scholars on Tuesdays, and One Girls Circle Project on Thursday. My goal for next semester is to look for more extracurriculars that offer more possible leadership positions for me. This winter break I will be looking for research opportunities to do in the spring and I will also be looking into summer internships. Currently I’m most interested in working at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Research Center over summer break. It’s really important to me, as a pre-med student, that I get volunteer hours and internships in, so I plan on focusing the majority of my summer on education. However, I also plan on working a minimum of 15 hours, if not at a job that focuses on my major then at my previous job of two years, Dewey’s pizza. As of right now my major is neuroscience, which I really do thoroughly enjoy, but I worry if I don’t pursue medical school after college it may be hard for me to find a job I enjoy with this degree. I’m thinking of looking more into the molecular genetics major, where I would be able to make a career straight out of college. I’ve already been required to make a med grad plan for my neuroscience survey class, this plan includes all GPA, volunteer hours, and research hours goals that I plan on meeting for each year in college. It will really help me continue to stay on tract in order to get into med school. It’s scary because in high school, med school was kind of like a faraway dream, but I’ve come to realize it’s a very tangible goal, and now hard work is required. I don’t want to give up on something because it’s hard, and I refuse to ever doubt my abilities to achieve something great, but boy does the mountain to med school seem bigger when you’re closer to it.

What to do in Columbus! (and not to do) PART II







Third Stop: Kafe Kerouac

Okay, so this place was cool. Kafe Kerouac, unlike the other coffee shops was actually close to my dorm, just about a ten minute walk and you’re in a warm cozy coffee shop with hipsters reading books and drinking coffee named after the book’s authors. Amy and I walked in, ordered our drinks, took a seat, and whooped out our computers and chemistry books. However within 20 minutes of our arrival this seemingly ordinary coffee shop transformed into a vibrant bar scene and our backpacks ans sweatpants no longer felt like they were the appropriate attire. Although we were definitely taken for a surprise and ran out of Kafe Kerouac as quickly as possible I would definitely go back. I loved the aura of the building and the mission of Kafe Kerouac is very unique, serving as a coffee shop and bar, and providing nights of poetry, comedy, and artwork.



Fourth Stop: ZenCha Tea Salon

This place was legit, that sounds very informal but honestly that’s just the best way to describe it. ZenCha was more of a restaurant than a coffee shop. A hostess greeted us and directed us to a table. Menus were given out. Again, very…legit. I wasn’t a huge fan of the environment. The room felt almost a little empty with bare walls and little decor, but what bothered me most was that the word ‘salon’ was in ZenCha’s title. You’re not cutting my hair and this isn’t the early 1600s, chill. I know, I know, this is sounding very pessimistic on my side, but hey we all have our coffee shop preferences. This one just isn’t mine. If someone from ZenCha is reading, this I apologize dearly. Your tea is good and so is your customer service, I am not worthy.


Fifth Stop: Fox in the Snow Cafe

Okay, picture First Watch. Got it? Okay, now picture First Watch on steroids. Perfect, cool, now you know what Fox in the Snow Cafe is. Unlike most of the shops i’ve been to, Fox in the Snow definitely is not a come in, relax, do some homework, kind of cafe. Similar to ZenCha this served as more of a restaurant. That being said, judging on the restaurant platform, Fox in the Snow is small and very tightly packed when its filled to the max. The food is a little on the expensive side however its worth it. I loved the open concept and the floor to ceiling windows were absolutely beautiful. Fox in the Snow cafe is actually a re-purposed garage, so keeping the garage themed environment intact meant a lot to me as an architecture scholar. i would definitely go here again for a Sunday brunch sometime soon.









My favorite experience was definitely running out of Kafe Kerouac as old people in nice clothing started head banging to a loud band that appeared out of nowhere. I learned a lot about Columbus but i think the most important part about this assignment was understanding there’s always something else to learn about this city. There so many interesting niche’s that go unnoticed. Walking around from coffee shop to coffee shop allowed me to see all the different up and coming neighborhoods, I think if was to explore a different subject I would look more into the unique features and differences in each neighborhood. If any of my lovely readers are interested in exploring the different coffee shops, there is currently a program going on where if you go to a minimum of four coffee shops, and receive a stamp in a booklet verifying you’ve gone, you may receive a free t-shirt. I highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity if you choose to do this assignment.






What to do in Columbus! (and not to do)

COFFEE TIME!!! Through out the next few weeks THE Amy King and I will be exploring Columbus and finding the darkest and richest coffee around. Besides seeing an abnormally large amount of hipsters in one room and paying 4.00 bucks for a small black coffee, learning about the technique, methods, and culture of coffee actually intrigued me. I’m not a avid coffee drinker to begin with, and when i do drink coffee i get the one that tastes like a good milkshake with lots of whip cream, whichever one that is. Most coffee enthusiasts would/do hate me.


First Stop: One Line Coffee



Amy is featured above drinking a Guatemala black coffee which the Blue Haired Lady talked us into buying. She talked so well about one line coffee we even tipped her (50 cents.) One line had a very professional atmosphere to it. People with tight fitting vests and fine cut glasses drank coffee over polished wood and under a soft sunny glow. It was quiet except for the Blue Haired Lady trying to summarize the history of one line in just under a minute, now that was confusing. If i was to go again I would go for the wonderful customer service and knowledge from the baristas, that was absolutely my favorite part.


Interlude: The fun things you find along Short North

                    Cop meets Bride
            Big Wigs meet Scooby Doo




Second Stop: Mission Coffee

Mission had a very different aura than One Line. In Mission you’d find a grad student hovered over a computer in a damp dark corner. Magazines were thrown in a general pile on the ground, and a couple was caught leaning on each other and leaning back into the couch. The service was gegenuine and not corporate. One man had too big of glasses and shaggy long hair that blinded him while leaning over to clean the dishes. The other had a buzz and wasn’t at all eager in wondering if we needed any assistance. Amy loved it. My favorite part: watching the rugged men ddelicately shape a tiny heart into our latte. If i had to go again I’d bring a backpack with lots of homework, but i think it’d be easier just to go to Thompson.












How’s College Going Liv?

Welcome week has officially ended as of Monday, and let me tell you Monday was rough. Maybe it was because that one cycling class killed me Sunday night or maybe it was because I slept through my 8am…grreeaattt. (Note to reader: I now have three alarms set for morning so we should be good now.) My classes are very different then what I had expected going in. I figured college means the professors are very hands off but I’ve never had teachers so involved as they are in Biology and Chemistry. OSU is a massive university, I never would have thought the professors would be able to reach out to all of us so efficiently, but they reply to every email and answer every question.(Which means there’s absolutely no reason why you couldn’t turn your assignment in on time, you little procrastinator). Yesterday I worked 8am to 12am on school but today I spent three hours painting a mug and watching Game of Thrones so you could say I’m still working on the time management thing. I guess over all it really hasn’t hit me that I’ll be spending the next four years on this campus, right now it still just feels like an extremely fun camp with really good food. I’m getting there though don’t you worry to much. Little do you know you’re currently reading the words of a future genius.
I’ll keep in touch, but for now
Peace out,
Olivia Mullen

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               You can usually find Olivia Mullen somewhere on a park bench as displayed above, starting in the 2017 school year however you’ll find her at the Ohio State University. Excited to take on the challenges of her neuroscience major and the challenges of getting around this huge campus, she looks forward to her next four years. Liv spends her time transforming her Spotify account into an art form and when she isn’t she’s highlighting and circling and underlining a book by the pool. Liv is a recent graduate from the Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, Mother of Mercy High School, in Cincinnati, Ohio. There, she positioned herself as a leader and a role model to her classmates. As the countdown to move in day continues to shorten she becomes more ready to do the same at OSU.


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